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Kenneth Moton, Capitol Hill right now to sort of the most crucial hearing in the confirmation process of supreme court nominee, Brad Kavanagh. Protest against Cavanaugh. And I stand with Brett demonstrations just before the high stakes hearing his accuser, Christine Blasi Ford. We'll tell Twenty-one senators on the judiciary committee. He tried to rape her at a party in the early eighties cavenaugh will strongly denied that allegation. GOP staffers have also been investigating unsubstantiated anonymous accusations against cavenaugh and allegations from two men that they were the ones who altered Blasi Ford, not cavenaugh the White House closely monitoring this hearing here's ABC's Karen Travers, President Trump is standing firmly behind Brad Kavanagh mass Wednesday, if there was a scenario where he would withdraw Kavanagh's nomination. He said sure if he thought Cavanaugh was guilty of something like this White House, counselor Kellyanne Conway told reporters this morning at the White House. There is no replacement under consideration. The president is not looking at any list. He's watching the testimony today and he stands by judge. Kevin. Oh, I'm Karen Travers at the White House now with more news. Here's Michelle Franzen. President Trump is also expected to meet today with deputy attorney. Army general rod Rosenstein, it follows a chaotic week that leaves Rosenstein future at the Justice department up in the air, President Trump telling New York news conference, he may delay his meeting with deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein and discussed the possibility he might fire him. My preference would be to keep him and to let him finish up the president's saying rod Rosenstein saying he didn't offer to secretly record, Mr. Trump. But hasn't said definitely that the deputy attorney general will stay or go Andy Field ABC news. The US economy grew at a robust annual rate of four point two percent in the second quarter that according to the Commerce Department. It's the best performance in nearly four years. But economists say that they believe growth has slowed in the current quarter partially because of the drag from trade, you're listening to ABC news. From.

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