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All all right. Welcome back we have been talking about. CBS's new show evil. It's a psychological horror show and my current favorite as we eagerly await the next episode. We have to fill in the void so it's time to talk about what else you can watch for evil evil. I feel like I have to start with the obvious Luke Cage if you are keen on Mike Colter you definitely need to check out the Superhero awesomeness while it still net flicks. I'm sure that you all know that marvel bought out or marvelous bought out by I- Disney and so who knows down the road All the marvel shows may end up getting switched over to Disney plus but for now it's still on net flicks so binge way. There's a few seasons on there. I am a huge fan of superhero stories of all Shapes and sizes. So if you are two or even if you're just a of fan of Mike Colter Definitely check out luke cage if If Koch has more your speed then you definitely want to check out her other work She was on. HBO's as Westworld Choosing Season to watch as into if you don't want season one so binge binge westworld is a really cool show. It's also psychological in nature. Actually it's based on a movie that came out in the nineteen in Seventy S. That is not nearly as awesome as the show. So if you feel like he wants to go down the rabbit hole of cinematic history tree on Westworld story then go ahead and check out the westworld. Movie I believe that you can rent it on Amazon prime but I couldn't find and it to stream for free so sorry about that but if you want to just skip and watch the show then that's totally cool to the show is is amazing and it is available on. HBO Now now that we've talked about the work that the actors have done I want to talk about X. Files X. Files is one of my all time and favorite shows. I remember when the first episode came out sitting with my brother. Criss Cross applesauce on the floor in our living room. Just just so excited that there was going to be a show about aliens. Of course it turned out to be so much more than that scully. All the way the show evil definitely has a lot of parallels to X. files with the skeptic skeptic in the believer and just all the layers of storytelling the interesting characters Right now currently. I'm a little bit more in love with Evil Than X.. Files which is saying a lot. I have the action figures. Not GonNa lie so I hi definitely think that you should go back and watch exiles all of the episodes at available in net flicks and exiles is awesome in addition to X.. Files supernatural is a whole lot of fun as well watching Sam and Dean Winchester go on their adventures hunting down spirits and facing all the supernatural things that are in the world the rest of us are completely ignorant to. It's a magical experience and I feel like again. There's a lot of the parallels with evil and supernatural not so much that there's a skeptic in supernatural but just that most most of the world goes along in their ways not even aware of the possibility that supernatural things may be real. Will I think that's a really cool aspect to storytelling and supernatural. Does a good job of that The series itself is going to be wrapping up soon. I believe there's something like five episodes left so the now is a great time to binge binge binge. There's a a Lotta seasons to ingest so get to work on that So that you're ready for the big finale another TV series that I think parallels in some ways with evil is the Black Mirror series available on net flicks. It is. The question of that show is really about technology and just because we can. Should we do these things with technology and if we do. What's the cost as humans? Now I say that there are some parallels because while Black Mirror isn't so much supernatural supernatural as science based there is a lot of those underlying themes that also show up in the show evil which I find really interesting so definitely if you like the flavor of evil. You're probably going to enjoy black mirror or vice versa. Another really a popular show that I have watched through in its entirety at least three times since it originally aired is hunting of Hill House. Hunting Hill House is a horror show but to me. It's really not about about the ghosts in the house. So much as it's a drama about a family that happens to live in a house that may be haunted and and I say maybe haunted because the show really deals a lot with the theme of is it real or is it in their head and the skeptic in that show really really truly believes that there's some mental illness family and that's the cause of all the problems that the family has been experiencing uh-huh and he went off and he wrote some books about it and then there's all kinds of storylines they get explored it's a really cool. Non Non Linear storytelling experience. And every time I watch it I see something else hidden in the shadows and I absolutely lutely adore when I can watch something again and it's a new experience every time season two should be releasing next year so now again is a great time to get all caught up if you haven't experienced haunting of Hill House. I recently watched a movie on Net afflicts that I think is also up. This allie was called autopsy of Jane Doe and starring Brian Cox who played striker in X.. Men He there's also agamemnon in troy which is how I know him. I honestly had to look up. What his name really is Sorry about that Brian Cox. But I'll top Jane DOE was really Cool Horror Flick Very tastefully done. I was on the edge of my seat. The whole time I'm and I could not tell if things were really happening. Or if it was in their head and I feel like that's really the underlying theme with the show evil. Is this real so I definitely recommend that I'm going to go old school here and say the exorcist. This is another great one or the exorcist remastered. If that's your jam I like the original better without the the creepy contortionists coming down the stairs bit. I didn't think that was necessary for the story Watching Reagan's head-spinning circles and the pea soup vomit was enough for me But I mean there is extra schism in it'd in evil. It is a religious type of show. And so you know I. I can't do this and not stay that. You should absolutely watch the exorcist. The original it is available to stream dream on Amazon prime. And then there's another movie that I stumbled across recently and watched on Netflix. While going down the whole call of B. Rate Horror this one was called Mara and it's about a psychologist who is investigating being the strange death of a person. A client that she comes across and as she investigates this The story just really really goes in a cool direction. It has some twists and turns Is it real or not. The main character is a hardcore skeptic. Dick and she's experiencing things that don't make sense It's really neat to see a horror movie where the main character is the skeptic rather than all of the people around the main character trying to tell that person they're crazy. Well I think that does it for my recommendations is to fill the void with evil After this break we are going to talk about Mr in between and then coming up really soon is the set it on reddit segment so stay tuned. Always on the go but the day they just won't be one without your Hollywood golden state media concept. Ten podcast take care of that Jordan. Keith is entertainment tonight. Meets Meets Access Hollywood Jordan guy laughing. That's all inclusive. Look on pop culture all right here we are ready to talk about. FX Is Mister Inbetween. It's a crime series with Australian flare earlier. It was rated eight point three out of ten on. IMDB ninety five percent on rotten tomatoes and ninety seven percent of Google users liked it that is huge according to FX networks dot com. This show is about juggling a relationship and ship personal. Parental responsibilities friendships and sick brother. While earning a living would be difficult for anyone but it's particularly difficult when you're a a criminal for Hire Racial.

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