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Richard before you go we uh even in our business occasionally encounter apps looked dim what's in all i mean it's it's absolutely unavoidable it's it's going to how yet frank they look they litter our news oh boy he do they ever and uh this but this i hope nobody will will mis characterize this as uh as as politicizing the situation this really happened and so uh i'm sure brenda lawrence of the congresswoman from southfield has got her lapdogs out there to who would start howling and and yelping about this but the some one the other d a night during the state of the union address who was up in the in the i guess you would say the the gallery above the the house floor of the chamber floor where president trump was addressing congress were with the state of the union message uh there was a photographer for the website the daily mail which is a british tabloid and it published the photo yesterday afternoon of our congresswoman brendel lawrence during the state of the union address i think they said the exact time as nine forty two pm when president trump was discussing the need for other nations to agree to fairer more reciprocal trade deals with the united states up brundle lawrence a congresswoman lawrence and we've tried to contact her uh and and have been unable to neither could the free press j she wouldn't talk about this but the photographer caught her on her foam at this time and was she checking out websites email was she was she tweeting no she was instead and you can see it if you go on my g could enlarge it like you always cam you know spread out finger and thumb you know and we can teach those who don't know how to do that out a fond of very easily how to do it but any rate uh brenda lawrence was playing the game candy crush while president trump was.

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