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That's a chemist belief one of those who are working on it aware of how dramatic and how very important this was going to be if discovered i think so i think the when discover new i think everybody under i mean it was the great challenge of its age to understand how you a chance transfer information from parent to child how does dini copy itself it was such an important question that people understood shut them you're just gonna come back to women and chris long quite few moon went into chris love it was it that it had a particular month ticker allure for the mall an accidental marone think it certainly wasn't an accident i mean in the early days of the subject in this was a new subject even at the time muslims working wasn't that old i mean after will break had done the seminal work 1912 but there were could i say enlightened men in the field in the early days who didn't try and keep the women scientists who wants to join them they would didn't want to keep them out think courage them to come in there were several in the early days feigned notable women roslyn would have been one of them she was already but she didn't live long enough to be a become a household name that say what she is differently drowsy hodgkin kathy lonsdale and now a p not only the brags banal max proves that the great names that we know in the subject were encouraging to the women to join them atrush appear barra she wasn't let's get she's got to kings on this morris wilkins on the seems to be a misunderstanding from the start between the two of them what was that and how did it if it did resolve itself uh was she was originally employed to investigate proteins because at that stage show some confusion and whether it was the protein all the dna that was responsible for heredity and then the they've decided to focus on dna and she was told by letter that she was going to be switched from proteins she was told by letter that she was going to be working with a phd student cool drako sling morris wilkins was told that she was arriving but he had the impression.

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