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Thirty-seven-year-old Napoleon and dry day was shot and killed outside a halfway house in Pawtucket this morning at around nine thirty according to the Providence Journal he had just served a federal prison sentence for drug trafficking, money laundering. Another federal crimes he was convicted of twenty eleven he was also later implicated in a home, invasion robbery and Stamford, Connecticut at a home owned by an associate of the Gambino crime family. According to the journal report New England, mafia capo Edward lotto, recently stayed at the same Pawtucket halfway house. A crash on interstate eighty in Paterson New Jersey killed two people this morning. It was a two car crash by exit fifty eight at around eleven thirty at shut down part of the highway for a while. No word yet on the victims identities, or what might have led to the crash wins. News time four thirty five a woman trying to take a picture at a zoo got a little too close to a wild cat, and she's now in the hospital. Correspondent Mona Rivera tells us she went over. Over a barrier. Which the zoo says are there for a reason a call for help came from the wildlife world, zoo, aquarium and safari park near Phoenix. Sean Gilan of central Arizona fire operations rushed over we responded to a call it a female who had been attacked by a Jaguar witnesses AmaZulu say the woman was trying to take a selfie with the Jaguar got too close and the Jaguar reached through a fence and Duggar claws into the woman's arm. The woman suffered scratches and bruises, but is expected to be okay. The tweeted that it's investigating. But that the woman crossed a barrier to take a photo while the animal did nothing wrong zoo also tweeted at no time was the animal out of its enclosure. Please understand why barriers are put in place sending prayers to the family wins. News time four thirty six and immunotherapy drug becomes the first of its kind approved to treat breast cancer. The story from correspondent Chuck's Iverson the drugs, call intrigue made by Swiss company Roche, just okay by the US, food and drug. Administration for treating advanced triple negative breast cancer, which accounts for about fifteen percent of cases, it's to be given with chemotherapy the standard treatment approved for two other cancers tastes intrigue works by boosting the immune system's ability to spot and kill cancer cells..

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