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State is not want her name her name used was sleeping in bed with her threeyearold after the husband had left for work and she said she was woken by just like you said this guy shining a flashlight at her face and he's holding a large butcher knife any ties her and the little three year old with shoelaces in blindfolds and gags them with torn sheets and then after taking the kid off the bed he unbinding jane's ankles and she says and i knew then what he was there for that was the first recorded attack from this guy and like you said that was nineteen seventy six but it's it went from then from mostly single women or win women who are home with kids two couples by nineteen seventy seven ballistic victims had expanded to couples in their homes and it's believed that in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight he chased down and killed a couple brian and katie mag yori after they were they were walking their dog at the time they spotted him before he broke into a home in rancho cordova in february of nineteen seventy eight and they were believed those two katie and brian meg yori where the first homicides committed by this guy when there were couples at home he would separate the couple and he would stack dishes on the back of the mail and tell the guy if i hear the dishes rattle i'll kill everyone in the house it relocate the female to the living room this is mo and that's when the rape would happen he would spend hours in the home ransacked closets doors eat food in the kitchen drink beer the whole bit sometimes he would have them tied up and he would be so quiet he'd want them to believe that he left the home and just when the women thought they were safe just when they thought they were safe to move because that's a common thing you'll hear from home invasions rape rape crimes that the woman or the people don't want to move terrified and finally it could be hours later you feel like you can finally move you feel like you can finally get help entire arms and.

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