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Followed after that but for atletico madrid another wind today. Another clean sheet as well. Joe's it's that supposed to lose you could say even though it's so early on daca really agree with you is titled to lose and we. We've spoken about them log on the show and every time impresses sometimes they don't play where the final way of winning you. They don't concede hybrid by three and four with moso central bank but also as a left by kind of thing works so well for them and then you were playing people tractive. It'd be more expensive to suit. We saw others because otherwise you like they used to for so many years under children's simona perfectly for someone like to muslim who is completely rejuvinated. Said you really transform. Its in utilize limo. Who i think are school for forty five games in a row and our competition until until today and what god was when but overall he's performer was brilliant and when he brings on creativity when he's available when they is good as well and that's really team behind with an eye coming back for example after his injury copay was not playing tonight and yet they were so solid they were so good going forward especially the second half so solid defensive as we mentioned another gede they're just great and obviously next weekend is the big one when they have that kind of a mental with them gaming source book in midweek. The champions big one for them of course the demos be so full of confidence that they probably feel nothing can happen to them mature. I just wanted to highlight a another player of the ones that that Jewish just mentioned medical. You renta who did not start today on west rest of because a by product of the fact that he did not be by munich the version by consensus and therefore have to play sauce where he was arrested today but came in at halftime and makes this team so different with not only his speed. Because you think you rent you think okay. He's just a runner. Well yes he gets you that butting the first goal when things were still sorta kinda very tight and very difficult for the mighty to breakthrough. He talks today inside. Open space caving trooper down. The right hand side finds that through troop places across jobs just mentioned scores and then in the second goal then you see the full speed on michael. You rent is on the flip on header from trade bear. He gets his buddy across the defending a nice. Finish to the near post when you see that. Sort of a ride for athletic married. And then the defendant which they've only allowed two goals this and seven wins in a row. That's when you start thinking you don't let everybody else is falling apart. This team just keeps winning. Boys thank you very much. If you wanna see more valley be sure to check out extra time. He's alongside franklin birth. During your tweet. You can check that out. As always.

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