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Particular one of those totems of once worth on westminster would go now the truth is i don't think the risks that they would lose those was very high but if seems quite possible they've not only will defend those but they may defend barnard which knocked very macho indeed then certainly within london although the conservative performance there is undoubtedly weaker than it is outside of london they will be much relieved on meanwhile they are able to point outside of london two net gains a seats not dramatic because the truth is one of the key things about the results last night he's very very similar to what they were four years ago and in a sense because we got not a total return to party politics but something like the good news for the tories in the bad news for them as they mirrored by what we see for the labor party yes indeed the labor party is doing relatively well in london not so well outside of london but the problem for the labor party is in a sense i think it looks as though certainly in headline terms it's come away from these elections pretty much emptyhanded yes it's much station either conservatives control of trafford but it hasn't made any grounds in gains in london on his lost a couple of key league voting areas in dhabi a non eaten so i think the minuses are more evident than the pluses for the labor party and it's to be honest it's not clear that these election results are any better than for example the local election results onto jeremy corbyn two years ago and so although that i would probably you can argue well we did better than in the general election yes they say he's appearing to invoke help from above the speaker burke digs in amid new bullying allegations quoting david leakey the former occupants of that ceremonial role of black role to speak to news not night about what he called the intolerable ruse rudeness an explosive behavior of the speaker the golden headline revealed britain's new drive to.

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