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Building trades he didn't have healthcare um he had healthcare yet the buy into what he had medicare when he retired so i get that but the edges unfortunate you can't just say amoko take a company and i don't know what when there are benefits to go i just can't do that upset mighty model tom i got lama gotta again all lines i and on autonomy you're going off the rails only buddy please don't do this you've been very polite so far but i got full lines i think you've made you points with the mayor we're not going to resolve it tonight but certainly does now on his radar screen as a consequence of japan i will look into a trump promised short thanked appreciate very 6172544400 thirty triple eight 929 1030 let's go to we're going to go next spring ron in weymouth utpal me which arrived i hit a wrong button hey ron you're on with boston mayor marty walsh with boston police commissioner bill evans on the ringside central nights i call i got it thank you and it's an honor to speak to uh you both gentleman about this a comment i habitable wrong come on i listen to you every level go ahead i'm is trying to lighten up a little bit go ahead ron um fight that this is primarily for the commissioner i in regards to the uh gangs of up by bikers that job minibike atvs and so on those senitivity of that right up and down the street survive bostonanaheim now onto the expressway out where it goes my boss the kids run those kozaki from the northshore if you look at the addresses and where those names came from the i didn't see anybody listed as a bus and kid and not just for the reckitt okay but in fact back in two thousand fifteen when they were riding up and down blue hill avenue they were body kate knife yeah and uh go ahead i uh i was uh uh at that time transporting uh my wife back and forth to uh brigham women's hospital uh from from the south shore and uh they they would terrorize people driving up and down they go to the lights age we in and out around the around the cars and i call the the boston police department i said what what what are you gonna do abidi's has to be honest with you we can't really do anything because their.

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