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Project will be built on former hanford reservation land near richland the twenty megawatt solar project will be built by french company the try city economic development council says it acquired the landed 2015 from the department of energy and the project should be completed by twenty nineteen on saturday technical work began on the proper very which is south of the columbia generating station power plant operated by energy northwest that work will determine the best place on the property to build the plant the french company is currently looking for customers eric heintz komo news big changes for boeing's defense division which recently moved its headquarters from st louis to washington dc here's colors fancy barrick the news blog defense one reports boina's reorganizing its defense and space business and eliminating a layer of middle management that will result in the loss of fifty executive positions the organizational overhaul is effective july i it's not clear what will happen to these employees who were notified of the moves ahead of the public announcement today boeing saying the changes will allow quicker decision making and better position the company to win new business nancy barrick komo news salvaged county wants to form a partnership which seattle's museum of flight and bring more tourists to pain field in agreement this week gives the county and the museum through the end of the year to negotiate and operations and management pack for the future of flight aviation center and boeing tour he everett herald reports the event attracted more than five hundred thousand people last year visitors went to the nearby boeing plant the future of flight aerospace gallery education programmes and special events the era of safeco field is coming to an end the seattle mariners and safeco.

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