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Dot com station gorgeous afternoon here in lower manhattan mostly sunny skies eighty six degrees as we expect maybe a high of up to the upper eighties this afternoon and then low tonight of seventy and more humid tomorrow with a high of ninety two it's three oh to hear wcbs there's a huge search underway on long island for a missing nineteen year old his family is wondering if ms thirteen played a role in his disappearance so feel hall has the latest the family of nineteen year old louis most and can be seen casing here at hempstead lake state park are surrounded by police officers and detectives they have not slept lewis was last seen citiz stepmother on june twenty eighth him you wouldn't do this and it's now knowing everything you know what call susie bayer says they have been searching for days but then a relative received a mysterious text message telling them to search the park we're hoping for the best as possible outcome lay you know you could come home and needs great but i'm just scared because it's been the family said lewis was not an ms thirteen or any other gang member however he did spend time at home with his friends were gang members also hung out the nassau county police commissioner said forty plus officers are searching the lower pond and the surrounding area of the park the pond has a lot of lilies so it is difficult to search and right now they have no information that lewis's disappearance is gang related sophia hall wcbs newsradio eight eighty the teaneck woman who lost her husband and four daughters in a car crash in delaware friday has been upgraded to fair condition mary rose trinidad is undergoing shoulder surgery this afternoon grief counselors were a teaneck high school today to help the community more in the loss of the girls twenty year old caitlyn seventeenyearold danna and thirteen year old twins melissa allison trinidad as well as their father audi there were killed on a pickup truck crossed over a grassy median and hit their minivan head on police say the daughters were not wearing seatbelts harvey weinstein was brought into a manhattan courtroom in handcuffs today to face new sex charges marla diamond has the latest weinstein's bail was continued and he walked out of manhattan criminal court and into a waiting car defense attorney ben braff men stayed behind to answer questions from dozens of media outlets miss the weinstein is not a predator he is not a rapist and i believe that when this case is over we will ultimately see him to be exonerated brockman maintains all of the encounters were consensual if so says the victim's attorney gloria allred have weinstein take the witness stand are you really willing to have your client face the jury are you really willing to roll the dice in lower manhattan marla diamond wcbs newsradio eight eighty former state senate majority leader dean skele's once one of the most powerful politicians in new york spent the day on the witness stand today in the center facing federal corruption charges peter haskell has more on at least five occasions skeleton test executives at glenwood real estate to help his son at the same time the company needed support for favorable legislation the prosecutor s gallos there was nothing wrong with you asking lynnwood to help your son financially scelo censored no ps adam was hired to do title work and he was paid twenty grand before doing anything the government can tens this was part of his shakedown deans keller's pope legislative strings and adams skeletons got paid the defense claims dean was just a loving father trying to help his troubled son at federal court in manhattan peter hence wcbs newsradio eight eighty if you're swimming at.

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