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To all of us Protesters are throwing bricks in there using bamboo poles to smash vehicles It's a city where mothers carry guns along with their groceries I'm Claire Graham and with the help of my BBC colleagues around the world I'll be digging behind the headlines in the explanation after the news BBC News with Chris barrow Ukraine has rejected a Russian demand to surrender the besieged southern city of mariupol hours before a deadline set by Moscow The deputy prime minister irina veress chuck said there could be no question of soldiers laying down their arms Earlier Russia promised safe passage to fighters if they surrendered and threatened city authorities with military tribunals if they didn't Russia has continued its attacks on other Ukrainian cities the capital Kyiv was struck by several large explosions late on Sunday The mayor vitali Klitschko said several houses and a shopping center were hit causing a large fire The United Nations refugee agency says 10 million Ukrainians have now fled their homes because of the war almost a quarter of the population nearly three and a half million people have left the country since Russia invaded last month The former Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan has ended a two day visit to Mali without any agreement on a date for elections to return the country to civilian rule The military government in Mali which seized power in 2020 said it regretted the lack of compromise at this stage Officials in the United States say the Biden administration will officially declare the violence committed by the military in Myanmar against the range of minority to be an act of genocide Hundreds of mezcal farmers in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero have returned to their village for the first time in two years after being driven out by a powerful drug cartel For the foreseeable future private security guards will be stationed at Zika to protect the villages The United Nations delegation is beginning an assessment of the state of the world's largest coral reef off the western coast of Australia The UN last year recommended the Great Barrier Reef be added to the World Heritage committees in danger list BBC News Hello and welcome to the explanation from the BBC World Service This is where we press pause on the busy 24 hour news cycle and dig a bit deeper behind the headlines Today the West Bank's nightmare started coming true The protesters were trying to bricks in there Bamboo poles to smash vehicles It's a city where mothers carry guns along with their groceries The spaces that people can run to for safety are shrinking every day here I'm.

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