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To work out pretty good i mean summers here we get to do that sort of thing don't we komo weather center i'm steve pool is our fifty nine degrees our first full weekend of summers full of traffic troubles could really trip you up komo's denise whitaker tells us where the roads will be closed to help you avoid congestion santa prepped for the opening of the tunnel that's replacing the alaskan why videx so that means the vita will be closed this weekend for some work until six am on sunday morning those lanes will open in plenty of time for the pride parade on sunday it starts at eleven am it's going to go all the way up four avenue from union street up to denny way last about four hours until three o'clock in the afternoon and don't forget if you're trying to get downtown for that prayed from west seattle the lower spokane street bridge is still closed so you'll have to use the upper bridge or you can always try the west seattle water taxi transiting between seattle and bellevue beware that the eastbound side of the mount baker tunnel squeezes down to just two lanes to noon on saturday and then again from six o'clock saturday night to noon on sunday and if you're crossing the cascades they'll have to do it on fewer lanes on i ninety from northbound all the way to the top of the past southend vashon very writers this weekend is the taste of tacoma you're gonna have a lot of company down there point defiance the taste takes place at the park so there will be a lot of traffic all around the ferry terminal and point defiance park if you're going to the tastes remember there's no parking there so grab a shuttle from tacoma community college denise whitaker komo news king county sheriff's departments investigating an officer involved shooting in normandy park police responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle early this morning on sixth avenue south officers talked to a man inside the car then for some reason opened fire the.

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