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On a daily basis and hold people accountable to it. But by doing that staying on mission weaker was withstand. I mean, people have no idea you can look at it now and talk about two point three billion dollar acquisition. And it looks like well that was easy. And he saw me you filled it you had a big exit. I faced death. I stunt on the Cliff's edge. Five six times that I was not sure we would exist. The next month. And so it was the culture. It was the dedication that allowed us to survive that and that's the story that we get to have it. We'll hear about success axes, but not the ten year overnight success to well. That's just their right? Everybody looked at that was so obvious. Of course, she went after identity theft protection. It was the number one consumer complaint America or you got consumers. Okay. Well, of course, no one knew that was a problem you had to what we would call evangelize and educate you that not only what's the real problem. But what's the solution? You should take steps dividing though. You've never heard of us. And of course, here in the states is a big deal. I had to ask you are you worried about identity theft. Well, you've never heard of me. But if you'll give me your name address credit card, number birthdate and social security number which course here in the states were you told never give out your social security number. I need all that to protect you. So if you'll just give that to me that was not an easy ask into to get millions and millions of people. The trust us took a billion dollars in marketing over those twelve years to build the Bryant. That's not an easy undertaking. So looks easy after you don't know about the times, we almost yourselves to death while the times, my competitor. We're trying to kill me. Not literally but figuratively in the business where we had legal fees in the tens of millions or startup company one year just to survive, but when you're focused, I call them, decisive points when your folks on those decisive points that is what we kind of pride ourselves in calling the great American story, right? This is the option to started from nothing checking in made over one hundred millionaires when we went public. I mean, it's something I'm extremely product tested. So as a traveled five thousand miles to attend the J Pekka, then I'm fascinated by violating the region is not home to three hundred tech companies real strong vibe over here is undergoing this huge hi-tech, Mike. So why is it that you love about Phoenix from a personal level and also from someone right at the heart of the tech industry. Yes. So I do think you really seen a cultural shift. So we really were known before Amazon a-, and we got all of our seas about, you know, cattle farming cotton. Copper you know, we were real estate. Investors would come here and buy real estate just from an investment standpoint. And so and some level tourism, right? Certainly, it's great weather. I won't make invite feel bad who has to listen to the fact that you had to come to this Ruutel. Brutal conditions to meet me. But we had all that. But we didn't have that same Nukus. We didn't have that identity as company like a Silicon Valley did, but it was those successes, and then we all kind of unified. So I know a lot of the people you'll be talking to this week. We are truly a community were proud of what we built we get together. And talk about what the horizon of technology looks like and how we can work together. What's needed? The universities have done a great job all them. You know Grand Canyon yields which university of Arizona. Arizona State University..

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