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That high well i mean full jon bon arena and i was surprised to see the diverse far that risk priority darn well out of that then that's what you wanna do bind different companies dry ground difference resist specially yes and that's something we do advocate and the book talks about that he tells you to them in the book hasn't say parole in red you know by one company 100 thousands with one companies bonds because at slow that too risky brought ronnie insane side in my opinion i suggest that show the strong force method works as the guy who basically beat the sp over the one five ten and fifteen eighteen year returns he beat the sp original paid with his bond portfolio remember he wasn't buying stocks it was buying on the right road beat the snp consistently beat the sb were every single period more statiscal task is another chapter how to invest in junk bonds logistics covenants of a bond what they mean what they are which of to the rules the ball on the good the bad and the ugly of the chapters they talked about with his book i'm reading the book presently it's very very well written and it's very easy to fall it is not complexes not jargon if you're in bonds are high highyield bonds you the political and it this book will send you a copy of it for free molson your rate cheat on our highyield bonds the based the full with the books dez bestow followed the book recommends looking at certain vegetable ons a screen the very carefully settled that have got morningstar morningstar covers all the bonds that are issued the corporate bonds rishard untraded publicly in the us and helped me did his research look at the coverage and the financial companies to see if there's not enough to pay off these bonds and some of these companies tasty are actually going to pay them off at cashflow which is amazing 'cause you're talking to three hundred million dollars to writing the fokker the.

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