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Look, this is what I was an apologist for Burfoot for a while when I was doing sports nation with with more so's Michelle Beedle and your brother. Yeah. And we were we were talking about perfect leading up to the playoffs with Pittsburgh. And the whole question was was vaunt as Bertha CT going to be able to keep it together. And my commentary time was this is a national conversation. You think he's going to do something stupid in a playoff game? When all anyone's talking about is Kenny keep it together doing I'll never forget on TV. And watching the game on TV and they highlight Pittsburgh needs fourteen yards to win this game. A shot at the field goal, right? Fourteen yards and a hit against defense receiver with O'Brien told you Brown who could be teammate gave them this team counting signed being on me. When I saw that. I was like okay, I've had it with Bertha CT. I had it would not I'm not apologizing for anymore. That said that's what I will remember him for right now his career ended today. However, it would be good to see dude who's had problems like that. Especially that one. You know, have some redemption on a team do something with a team now where I won't think as soon as I think birth of that play I would like not to remember him for that play. And maybe he can go to Oakland or wherever or Vegas and do something game. Eventually where that's what I'll remember the thing about it is, and I'm not certain I'm certainly not trying to imply that this never been anything off the field. But of this majority of his issues Fitbit on the field with its. On the field with on the that like this, right? A nation. Liking. They might like that they might not be. Put some licks put of the Senate couple of people for a couple of weeks. That might work for the nation, by the way, Steven mentioned the Cowboys. Eric berry is meeting with the Cowboys five time pro bowler..

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