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Senator, Official, President Trump discussed on The Mark Levin Show

The Mark Levin Show
2 years ago

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Mark Levin
1 d ago


You have a united states senator a federal official trying to intimidate a private media company and nobody says squat you had a democrat president of the united states obama surveilling media companies and reporters and nobody says squat donald trump openly in front of the whole world specifically accuses certain media outlets of running with fake news of concocting news specific reporters and it said that he's trying to destroy the first amendment not dick durbin not barack obama dick durbin is a tyrant and he's a coward and i challenge them again to come on this program and confronts somebody who knows what the hell he is and what the hell he's doing rather than the soft interviews that he goes on this company sinclair did nothing wrong it's just more of the same saul alinsky tactics more of the same left wing marxist type tactics being used by the media against media outlets that don't conform ironically enough to their pretorious guard ideology and the only reason dick durbin is going after this company sinclair is because he can't control it like the democrat party control most of the media today most of the media controls the democrat party today.