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Sports play I'm self care to ray after knocking off the patriots in Foxborough the AFC's number six seed of it Titans take it to the ravens twenty eight twelve in Baltimore Ryan Tannehill three tough stance to passing one rushing teammate Derrick Henry running four hundred ninety five yards throwing a TV even with that Mike Rabal insisting Tennessee isn't a finished product when do the same thing this week read continue to improve not let complacency sedan not be excited about you know when whatever this was I don't even know where to find AC championship game but we have to continue to improve and they say the team to do that they keep playing the ring of Marge Jackson turnovers two interceptions and a fumble we also know all and while I had a lot of mistakes in my we have three turnovers doesn't happen on but you know they came out of three you know we started off slow got to do better next time but for the report of all season Titans get the chief Texan to meet someday in Kansas city forty Niners advanced to the NFC championship game on seven Coleman's back two touchdowns one hundred five rushing yards cubic around below and the Niners beat the Vikings twenty seven percent those rocking out there today those fans or if they're screaming their loud I mean it was it was fun atmosphere but as far as just everything was I don't know it yet you just like another game you know you go out there still still a hundred yards long and Chicago play football San Francisco awaiting Sundays Green Bay Seattle winner even without a head.

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