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More stimulating talk his mom kelly show how too and if you were listening for the brig was talking about the laundry detergent pod challenge if you have those pills like those jill packs a well describe them he just throw it in the laundry i use it at my house and i think he usually your house to walla and it tells you don't handle with wet hands it other words if you should even handle it which her bare hands and if you should you need to wash your hands immediately so in other words it interacts with any type of water any type of moisture evidently there is this new challenge which is still going people are still trying an around the country by a social media being challenged to ingest have mixed with your insides these laundry detergent pots and it got me thinking when i was 151617 years old we did stupid stuff but we did not engage and stuff which was going to physically endanger us in a sense of put us on the precipice of death yeah we might have done things which were physically dangerous in a sense of of driving too fast or trying to be wild and that type of thing racing cars on the freeway but ingesting stumping that never crossed my with deception may be ingesting old english a ball yeah pretty much that was it funny brownie yeah me but that was that wasn't a challenge not anymore doing something in which you are consciously risking death death joining us in the studio is mile smith he's in the middle of his first year at el camino college he's been on the program before miles your you what seventeen years old 17 and we told you we want to talk about the laundry detergent pod challenge you immediately knew all about it right yeah i am not okay with it you're not okay with it but how were people talking about it around you or on social media was the general feeling amongst people your age some of them making a joke out of it in some see it as like something they really should do but to start off this isn't the first of the.

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