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I'm just playing devil's advocate. Here you're a cop you're going into arrest somebody they you're you're trying to deal with. Is this person gonna pull a weapon out and blow my fucking brains out. I'm never gonna see see my kid again. And meanwhile you got this dog. You know what i mean. It's like you can only look at one thing at one time. So in your life is fucking danger. I think a lot of people including animal lovers. We're thrusted. It's i think it's very easy to not be a cop and just sit there and you know what i would have done the same way you do like you know when you trash the quarterback your team. You know what i would have done with my non athletic asks. This is what i would've done. I would've left the leftover the fucking defensive line you know and then called an option or whatever the fuck you would have done so yeah. I mean just hearing that story absolutely devastating. Because i know if the cops ever came in my house my dog would be flipping out and trying to attack them and i would be like let me. Just put her in the other room but if they whatever we're coming in there and i was considered a threat they have to take me down and then my dog would come at them and then they would fucking shoot my dog and it would suck so. I'm obviously. I wish there was some way that they wouldn't have to do that. But is much as people one hundred percent blame cops they're the real culprit that set that whole thing off our fucking assholes who turn that dogs in the maniacs and maybe even someone like myself. Who doesn't i mean. I don't know how to have my dog under control. So i just put her in the back room because i don't know because some fucking asshole fucked her up. You know that. Jesus christ. I got work to do so there you go. That is the you know. I didn't even get to that fucking you see that reporter that died. Let me get the hell. Is that story here. This writer for rolling stone which i have a subscription to one of the magazine few magazines that actually read every episode every installment michael hastings. He had a horrible death. Fucking was going down. I believe it was highland. Just south of melrose is mercedes was traveling ridiculous speeds. He hit a fucking tree and the whole thing exploded burst into flames and they had identify him by his dental records and Allegedly this guy knew. I guess he wrote some fucking article in rolling stone where he was over in afghanistan talking to some higher ups in the military and they were saying some shit that they thought was off the record and he put it all in the article. And there's people conspiracy theories trying to say that. His car was cyber attacked. Now i'm not even gonna get into that but to how fucked up is the world getting if like actually something that somebody could do. I'm not saying whether it was done by this guy or not. I have no fucking idea. He might have been hammered. I have no idea. I have no fucking clue. I don't know anything about it. But i'm just saying that the fact that somebody could hack into your computer in caused your car to speed up and there's nothing you you can't shut the car off. This is why. I don't know that i don't believe that it's just like is evil is that is. We got to eliminate this guy. Isn't there a zillion other ways to kill him without doing that. Like what if he slammed into like a fucking minivan with you know a married couple and their three four kids. You know it's got to be. Can't they just spray. Some missed on you know. Just walk up to him in a mall like hi sir just try this fragrance you just spray it on them and then the guy like you know ten minutes later. He's tried on some slacks. Just kills over. You can't do it that way but anyways is this true is can they actually do that shit and this makes me feel glad that you know half my time out here. I drive around in a classic car you know because not like any sort of a threat. But what i'm saying is if if i would think if you had the ability to do that some fucking nerds would just do it just to do it because it would be funny. Just speed you up for a second and slow you down just a freaky out. You know like you remember back in the day when this is like pre internet fun what you would do. Is you take your garage door opener right and you would drive around the neighborhood and you pointed at every garage until you found somebody that had the same one as you and back in the day they just had like. It wasn't sophisticated so not only yours open not only yours. It opened the other ones too. So you eventually find somebody that had the same garage door brand is you and you could open and close their garage so at least you could fucking neighborhood so you just find us. Dr one person nuts you just drive by and you just fuck every once in a while. We'll just open it. And i don't know why we would do it. We were assholes but using that if you could fuck and do that with cars wouldn't.

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