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Like you know like context like protect your elders and like you know all the things that we're talking about now right because I could just see some of the stuff happening online in our communities. There was this there. Was that whole thing like we're really resume like we're resilient people will make it through and I was like okay hang tight you know that like we. Yeah that's great. We did survive. Use survive that would ten percent of the population. Yeah this survive from the initial wave of you know genetic and germ warfare on our people. That doesn't necessarily like you can't do that. And I'm certainly not gonNA PUT GRANDMA GRANDPA risk nor communities so like. That was the one of the first things. I wrote was resilience. Means COMMONSENSE. A little tricky. It's a little tricky leave because you are strong and resilient people but at the same time just because I took one karate. Class doesn't mean that I can walk around nights not worried about what's going to happen or something that we're resilient but we also have to be reminded from time to time because of the saturation of social media and colonization that we're also smart. People I think propaganda serves in some ways. It's a reminder of being like. Oh that's right. We are not dummy you know. Like don't let don't don't be like don't be like the outsider remember. We are smart people and we did survive because we learned we learned how to survive right. But that's kind of what we were angling towards. Which is you know. Don't do this is not the time for Bravado The kinds of take care of your family and your community. And that's why I really spirited because it is propaganda in that sense like you don't don't do this thing you need to do this other thing and this other thing means that you you know be smart. Wash your hands you know. Do physical distancing. Take care of your families like you're not doing this for us. You're not because you know maybe the wrong way you can make this. But you're doing this for for your grandma and your grandma and the seventh generation. Yeah so right. So that's that was the whole idea behind it. We came up with the copies and I reached out to a bunch of the native illustrators that I know we'll show you a arrogant star You Know Vanessa Boeing worst android junior as the first round You know and and basically just was like. Hey you guys you know. I've got a little bit of a little bit dollars. I can get to you but you WANNA make a cool poster right. GonNa put up a poster together for us with your talent and can do it like you do a week and You know they turned it around and I put you know. Put in poster form you know. Put put the words on that what we had and And then we unleash the wild and it took off like crazy. It was amazing. Kim picked up on it. Can you actually get like a physical poster if you wanted one because it you know? Of course it's all over online but like something are you printing things We we are anything's well You know and it's available for anybody that you know any where on the social media's You know it can it can. There's there's printing options there's digital options. We just wanted to make an open for anybody making it easier. Not so wherever you find it online you can trace it back to where you know to us. you know the work that we've been doing and anybody you know anybody can find that and those links so all right. That's great Lee You know you've been hearing from artists Talking with them. What are you hearing about how they're weathering this storm Difficult is difficult for a bunch of You know the main thing that we're hearing is really like and and you know it affected us too but you know we were a little bit different because we have an organization you know. We've sort of set a different pattern. So we're having to weather a different type of storm especially like you know. The planet isn't open. Currently you know a lot of this stuff that the COMECON was. Shut down the extra shutdown like all that kind of stuff but you know our day to day artists not just our pop artists but like you know it'd be our aunties uncles and these folks rely on gigs like I- PX or a the you know the trade shows and Indian market going down like bats really tough because you know and this is what we're hearing back from. A lot of our native creatives is that it's just like this is where a lot of folks made their money or at least made you know You know a couple of months to three months worth of you know rent and food and utilities and all this stuff all the things they need to do. And that's all gone and then a lot of these gigs were in play. Also were on. I mean I'll I'll tell you personally. I had word travel. Gigs disappeared this last month for the month of April right again. It's not you know I mean we're not taking a huge toll on our end but like that's you know that's something that could definitely be helpful in terms of trying to you. Know what we're doing getting the word out because a lot of those were like travels to locations where I'd be like. Hey and look at native creative writer so that's kind of hard for us and I. It's hard for you to yeah. Plus it's hard for you to just sit still Lee so I imagine you're you're going a little stir crazy in your house. I got a I got a little home schooling You know with the with the family going on here. So it keeps me keeps me occupied but Definitely definitely I was like well I got another. I have no meetings today. I don't know what to do with my time. I guess I'll go back and I was like if if one of those things where I've said You know prior to this. I was like man. I wish I had more time to right now. I'm sitting here being like I have all the time right right right. You know I hear you fine right. I mean for real well Lee. Thank you so much for joining us today. If you WANNA check out these posters there at native realities of we'll have a link after the show on our website and Take Care Lee. Yeah thank you so much for everything guys. Doing and hanging in there are pushing this radio. South thank you. We'll be right back. Hey Ivan good to see you two. What brings you here. I'm informing people about the twenty two thousand census the senses. Yeah everyone knows about that. They don't they really don't but I do. And when we participate helps determine funding for things like grants and programs in our communities cool. That's good to know. The census is for all American Indians and Alaskan natives shape our future. Start here to complete this sentence. Twenty twenty census dot gop paid for by US Census Bureau tune-in into Native America. Calling Monica Brain. And it's our regular monthly news. Roundup today if you have something you'd like to share gives call eight hundred nine six two eight four eight so it's graduation season and usually we end up doing a show about students who are not allowed to wear feathers at graduation or Regalia But it doesn't look like a lot of graduations are going to be happening this year. I think that most schools have closed for the rest of the school year. So I wanNA talk with a native educator about what they're trying to do for missing out on that graduation joining us now is Melvyn Monette Barajas. He's the president and Executive Director of Indigenous Education Inc and he is Turtle Mountain Chippewa. Welcome back Melvin. Thank you Monica. It's good to be here. Yeah how you doing doing well doing? Well here Stand quite busy with this initiative. So excited okay. So tell us about this virtual indigenous. Commencement that's correct We were trying to figure out what we can do for our families and for our students are grandma's GRANDPA's aunties uncles growing up in the turtle mountains and the spirit lake reservation. Every transition has been a celebration so we put together. Our staff got together with a number of partners her doing some other work and we decided that we needed to celebrate these commandments. Rather than let students Bill sat down about what they're missing. We needed them to know that. We're GONNA celebrate them. We're going to celebrate with them and for them Families can't get together right now because of the social and physical distancing we wanted you know. Grandma's an Auntie's an uncle's and family members tribal leaders to see their students virtually celebrate them and enjoy them So we came up with the virtual events virtual indigenous commencement For that celebration okay. So what actually will be happening Well first of all when is it? So may I at noon. We're in Albuquerque so mountain standard time noon We will be starting with trying to follow a traditional commencement format. We will have an invocation. We have an drum group. We have a commencement speaker We will be posting as many student graduate names as we can collect. There is a Google Doc Out on social media that students and family members can enter the name of the graduate so that gets on that scrolling video There will be on our songs. We have a presentation from one of our partners and musical presentation. I'm it's going to be a few a couple to a few hours of just celebrating graduates at any level. Did you get this idea? From the Social Distance Palo. That wasn't inspiration that was one of the inspirations for.

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