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On average earlier in the show. Mike tannenbaum talked about the mismanagement of the cowboys. But there was another situation. That was mismanaged. Mike what else caught your eye. Yeah butch keys chagrin. Mike tomlin who is a great coach who should go the hall of fame. Why are you chagrined never mind. We don't wanna talk now. Yeah long story short. They're down to scores thirty literally. The thirty four and a half yard line. It's fourth in like this and rothlisberger like they're going to stay on the field coach tomlin pumps and that was the game. They were to scores. And i think sometimes we coaches. They're a little bit too dogmatic. Let me be very specific here. The pittsburgh steelers should be and can be a great defense team but at that point tyson. Allu- got hurt. Tj walkout her. Joe haden was inactive devin. Bush was inactive. And i'm sure what coach thomas like. We're the pittsburgh steelers. We're going to stop them twice. No you're not. You're not missing those four players and to me. That was disappointing. Part of the decision was. I don't think he took a half a step back to say like ordinarily we're gonna pump. Were at home. home opener. Place was rocking. But when watch out a lulu bush and heathens out. They really struggled against the rear especially in the second half. And if you think about it that particular play. Here's the different ends of the prospection. Mike tomlin decided not to. And then you go to the san francisco game in cal- shannon's on his plus talk own twenty yard line backed up and i think it was like fourth and inches. They went for got. It was or the ravens asks his guy. Yeah yeah. I wanna go for it. But i think what's interesting when you compare the harbaugh and tomlin decisions was i think with joe and wreck city yesterday. Rex's very close with don martindale of the ravens. Which is you have a much better chance of. Winning the game with lamar jackson defense defending and i think that's where i think tom's decision got a little upside down. Which is when you're missing. Four really good players on defense and derek carr is as high as he is also missing a quarterback though my heathen have lamar jackson. Tomlin doesn't have lamar jack. Better off burger. That situation maxwell had to sneak just fallen forward. Most effective play in the history of quarterbacks knee defensive coordinator with a defensive mind your strength has always been. You're defense you're going to lean on that go back to a couple of years ago Mike can you remember not even couple. This was when payton was still plan. That new england had an opportunity to punt the ball. They went for remember that he threw incomplete. The caveat fault yeah. It was like fourth in like two or three came up. This backed up in. Everyone's what are you doing ballot check. Bocek said i've seen my defense it. We're not going to win this game stopping them. I'd rather put the ball in brady's hands and give him an opportunity. They went for failed. They wanted the blues. And i'm not saying tomlin can't be criticized right. I get it. Everyone could be better. But i'm wondering philosophically about this. Mike someone who has never been under five hundred never as a head coach in the nfl ten years now whatever including when he had a backup to a backup playing. He's so competitive. He gets it done. They have a world view. A philosophy right. Isn't it tough to tell that person who's given you those results being consistent with their philosophy. Hey could you do me a favor right over here on the margin. Could you just do this one thing a little differently..

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