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AJ Benza with Gina grant on news and ball, Brian on sound effects. And now. Right wing troll. Adam corolla? Yeah. Get it on got to get it on a choice but to get on mandate. Aw. Thanks for tuning in and thanks for sharing. It's free. So turn someone onto this pod. That you work with in. No, you'll love good day. Gina grad handball Brian in business. But no ethics. We gotta have that. Yeah. Benzel being here has got a lot of stories that gets caught up on. I'm a little bit sick in a little bit a little bit sick for a couple days now, but still did the cold plunge this morning. I don't think the to affect each other. I think cold is the cold wooden bat is fat you in wide tails would not get along and work is to work, meaning work sounds bad. But it doesn't have to be fat sounds bad, but doesn't make fat. And I don't think being cold makes you. I had to be an asshole the other day when we had a cold snap here in LA a week of we can go pretty cold for LA and test is going to side with that shoe outside. No, no, you you'll catch cold under my breath. A muttering, you're not gonna get cold fish. Virus at her feet. Stupid total dick, you will learn that women know what they know. Even if they don't know it, and that will Trump all science and all studies and all everything when the mom thing kicks in the mom thing kicks in. Now. It's wrong. A lot of the time. But it's the mom thing kicking in. And it'll just kick in it'll go, and you can sit and have a discussion with them. But you have to understand you're not talking to Dr drew. You're talking to mom and mom. She ain't open to your your knowledge, your wisdoms, your graphs, or your whatever. And if you think you can go find something on the computer the proves you right and walk it in its show plot at just a more. Enjoy your shovel son. It's a deeper argument. The I'm totally with you. I think most women are like that. The only one I can't seem to let go of is. It has been instilled in me since the day was born that if you go outside the cold with wet hair. Oh. Oh, you're..

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