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Yes it was the second candidate clip the reason we live and shortstop we were not apex if we felt like whole hardly been the talk berth you know we would've been out but it felt like where you your life not impact it's different enjoyed yeah you know how can make it work in georgia and yeah a lot of a hesitation but because second works shop we were we were better okay we're not bait that because they had to end it and all of that so we had the opportunity that word lead other we'll if they didn't best period when lead about what happened and that period in a family home also worth owner of apartment so we were able to network but found talk to them exchanging an issue their relationship continued to talk to them around year because it was a year we had and there are workshop could affect him work shop so we were able to build relationships rebote relationship believed the confident and the comfort that you know what we can do to fit in georgia you know we are not to like it but it has you know b yeah so if affect him workshop yet signed up and be graded out word membership compete because that that point lead we wanted it to apartment and so did you take the class the second class that was after you went to the expo yes willie they went it's all right class it went whatever so eight second class the canes denver because that's really the second time around we came up early to get a case study get better at in life and it would be preclude a class that saturday and sunday became on pick number and dale weise and get back in golf south with big eight okay so well when you went to the casted that's interesting did too did you have good feel for that i mean do it what you get out of the case study only nine leaders that area yeah that much credit it down to earth willie ninety eight both it's very of course you have your bullpen if you have you have johnny bridge where he has shaped the anti it all i care wonderful bait do when they help.

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