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Noor tained alexa enable the kbc a and skill okay fears even see los angeles orange county a cumulus station berg zoellick sir kabc news is live and local at 2 o'clock i'm geoff whittle the la county sheriff's department has announced mandatory evacuation is this afternoon for the cato canyon little to hunger canyon and lopez canyon the areas due to their susceptibility to mudslides following the recent wildfires now is the first winter storm moves through so kowloon there's fears of those mudslides could hit communities were folks are living now sheriff's detective is recovering after being stabbed outside of a jackinthe box and canyon country the attack was unprovoked in happened to right after that attactive left the fast food restaurants was headed back to his car he was confronted by mail a spanich la county sheriff's captain darren harris says 21yearold donald chinchilla asked if he was a deputy when he risks did yes he stabbed the deputy uh one time in the chest area and then immediately fled into the adjacent neighborhood here the man was found and bid by a canine shortly after the detective is in good condition and will survive the attack no word on a motive in santa clarita james throw haas kabc news more than two hundred thousand l salvadorans may have to return to their native country within two years now that the parliament of homeland security's ending their special protections they were offered temporary protected status after an earthquake 17 years ago salvadorans who came to the united states then now face the prospect of being deported under a trump administration policy that also affected what were once refugees from other nations a white house aide says the decision is based on current country conditions and the ability of the country in this case el salvador to observe or tens of thousands of repatriated persons immigrant advocates maintain the country is wracked by violence and poverty plus they say more than fifteen percent of that nation's economy is reliant on money being sent by family members living.

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