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Bringing you the top financial headlines, the ones that matter, the ones that may cause anxiety but not matter and what we should really be worried about for 2021 2022 how to prepare the asset classes. Would go with Strategy and this week's big headline round up. This was an exciting what I'm Spencer McGowan, president. My gallant group joined by co host Alex totally and head of quiet development here in the gown group Asset management. Nation of traders and investors, Boy. Howdy that's going to give us some salaciousness materials, so stay tuned. We're going to cover the charts and the graphs. We've got questions. We've got observations and statements. Ah, well, we'll lead with a few questions and, Ah, Alex, I'll let you start that off. That's right. So Famous quote. Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. Yeah, Mike Tyson and is er Chief chief of compliance here. He he attributed these quotes. Okay? Yeah, he put he put, you know Iron Mike Tyson. You must be a mike Tyson fan. Oh, yeah. Iron Mike? Yeah, is he probably wanted wants to get a tiger to like Mike had in that movie. Okay. Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds. That's by Charles Mackey. It's actually published in 18 hundreds. Why would why would we talk about a big fat book? With a bunch of stories. Well, it covered tulip mania. That's right. Yeah, where the price of a single tulip bulb the most rare in Holland, traded for more than the value of the whole estate. I had to throw in some chickens and stuff, too. And then Ah, then it crashed. Yeah, they kind of went a little too look crazy, and they've had plenty of those ever since. All right. Um, and that does that relate to the Robin Hood Reddit bandits that we're about to get to? We'll see, because the trading platforms and and walking through your expertise will be Great at deciphering what has dramatically changed in the U. S financial markets. That's the first question. What's the next one? That's right. What do this week's charts. Teachers stand by? And how did the Robin Hood Reddit Bennett's wreck themselves? Directly wreck yourself? Okay, Here we go. Better check yourself before you wreck yourself. Yeah, they did. What are the what Will regulators do? Well, they were trying to Look like they were doing something. And well, we're going to cover what they're going to do what they did some streaming streaming, I think streaming. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, I'll get to that. Yeah. SEC social media, federal A and how that's going to transpire. On DSA. Somebody's in some hot water. Okay, but the one thing that hasn't come out as any headline on short interest regulation. Yeah, right. They they passed a bunch after 2008 right. And, um You that was supposed to have fixed it. So I think the questions gonna be had, you know? How did you get 240% short? Um, you know, some of that, I'm sure. And does that mean they'll have some additional type tighter regulation on short selling? Well, we'll have to see how hyper hypotheses ation. Okay. You don't want to do it twice. That's what apparently somebody did. Are they counting short calls in that number? Do you know Um, well from a market making perspective. That if you're hedging against a like a short call book on Dure short stock. There is a next or they used to be, anyway. Um, but there's an exclusion for your short position. Yep. As a person that's thereto help keep liquidity in the market place. And so in those circumstances, I could see how you could get bigger because of that exemption, So I think that's really what's going on there. Okay, that Zim Porton? Yeah, okay. Now. Why do business owners and business leaders choose McGown Group? That's a management. Why did they choose and we heard from some good business leaders this week on consolidating when they have decision points, right and so The Ah as business owner. We speak their language, right? I mean, we got a payroll way Understand income statements, balance sheets markets. Ah, and that's a different level of communication. Right then then a standard, put it in a box and try not to call me very often, right. That's that. That's the other part because I love doing this. I like hearing from people. Okay, so I want to get to the charts because we got a lot to cover on the Robin Hood. Reddit bandits. Oh, yeah, We're going home. Yeah, that'll the charts will lead us to that. And then we'll get to the rest of the headline round up. And this week's research The future of the U. S. Dollar wraps up the program All right S and P 500. S and P 500. Okay? That's right. We have 292 out of 500 S and P 500 companies reporting right? It was positive and and there's a few positive messages in here. Earnings Now this surprise me, okay? Earnings growth compared to 2019 4th quarter, right because we're comparing the fourth quarter 2020 with 2019. 6.8% higher sales 2.3% higher, So U. S companies figured out how to cut costs, right? Um, unfortunately, labor costs went down, right? It's but the other is real estate costs coming down in the commercial space. That's part of it. What they US companies did a great job of managing the crisis, right? So it's that's what I wanted to put forward their Ah high points. Real estate profits continued. To explode over 2019 28.6. They must have residential in there. That was the biggest growth category, actually. Yeah, the residential real estate driving the boat there. Iittie was about 17%. Energy. Ah, this reports were seeing on energy as a sector one. It's the best performing sector year to date, right. SMP Energy is leading the group while they all took their write offs, right. So they took the write offs in the fourth quarter. It's called a kitchen sink quarter. You write off everything you can because everybody knows you're gonna do it, and so That actually says one of the profits going forward. That's key question. All right. Next chart. What do you like? This was interesting. One of your favorites..

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