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A day following one single six hundred milligram H. C. Q. a loading dose he says if you take it for thirty or sixty days he said any risk is nil unless you get a rash or an upset stomach you're not dying from it a rasher an upset stomach you stop taking it but you know what the average run of or course run for treatment of covert nineteen is five ten or twenty days Max that I read and you've been taking a five years and you take four hundred milligrams a day now there is a long term issues involving potential the risk of eye retinal toxicity and it's very low for the first five years have you talked about this with your doctor yes my rheumatologist recommended me getting my eyes checked once a year but to be honest with you I haven't done that yet because I had no you know sign or L. affects your shame on me for not going yet but I will that is less than a doctor go get the I. check it doesn't take that long it takes you know thirty minutes yeah you know and I will do that I'm like you I want to go to my doctor either I hate going to the doctor my doctor has to be in the office he never lets me leave we will have the same doctor well my gosh you guys are you here well my eyes will get everything done here get on the treadmill hurry up good grief why did I do this well anyway I you know look if if there was any risk I would tell people but I'm at the end this is a guy that now inherited the largest lupus practice in the United States here's what to that that's at nineteen eighty five he's caring for for two thousand patients with the disease majority of the patients are taking or have taken H. C. Q. is author authored four hundred peer reviewed papers written the principal lupus textbook past chairman of the lupus foundation of America the rheumatology research foundation of the American college of rheumatology and you know currently on a board of directors lupus research alliance lupus therapeutics he's authored numerous articles on antimalarials I mean who we gonna believe Dr wolf Blitzer or this guy I think I'll choose this guy and I trust Dr oz to without looking to hurt anybody and we're getting it you know all these you know studies that nobody in the media will even tell you about you know it did he talk to the guy that ran the the French study a thousand people now that was after a smaller study that he had done he feels confident enough in the Chinese study but he says it's well beyond anecdotal at this point and he says the evidence is clear and convincing to him and if there's no risk as Dr Daniel Wallace's telling us in terms of okay what have you got to lose why wouldn't you take it I would myself but people got to consult with their own doctors I'm not gonna play Dr on radio but to me everything I've read every doctor I talked to the rolled by the way every doctor Long Island I know is giving this out every doctor I know around the country's giving this out to patients that are test positive covert nineteen but anyway listen I'm glad you're well how's your arthritis does it really work work it yeah it does I take that with a a few other things but it it definitely has helped in my numbers are way down at the biological level where they check every got three months and I honestly think that you don't like nurses and doctors and and firefighters please when they should be taking this preventively because we'll keep them safely to their lives and it'll help kill the virus faster so that to me is a fascinating science the Dr oz is trying to get to the bottom of and he's doing a clinical trial at Columbia Presbyterian where he is I know NYU Langone is doing one and that is people with lupus or rheumatoid arthritis is you have they're not finding any people yet he started talking I was trying to find people that have been taking Hydroxycut Laura Quinn for those illnesses and they're trying to find somebody that is contracted covert nineteen they can't find anybody out there looking for them actively can you go to Dr oz's website if you if you're one of those people you know you gotta open your eyes to this this is what we need is like the holy grail you know we you know come on America let's go another without playing politics let me tell you something in one of the things that I appreciate the call John thank you I love the idea of right to try I I because I've watched friends die from cancer I watch family members die from cancer and if if somebody tells you Hey this is showing some promise some hope and you want to give it a try it your life in your body that's why I like that the president thinks differently you know the public private partnerships with four different we now know also the travel bans only they're gonna be viewed as so controversial moving forward if there's any sign that we could have a possible pandemic I also think the the you know the partnerships with businesses I mean abit is going to produce so many of these five minute test result things it's going to be amazing the antibody testing as well it's going to help us open our economy we can't keep this thing shut down and think that somehow we're gonna spend ourselves into prosperity it's not gonna happen and Americans you know I had the the funny thing is most people want to get back to work Brian is in Oklahoma Brian how are you glad you called Mr Hannity yes Sir how are you I'm doing well thank you Sir so glad to talk to you I do not I talk hi I just want to let you know on the hard drive or clean issue I've been on that for over twenty years and I have route toward our guard in the I had no ill effects and I have also on occasion take Lizzy pack with it in it not bother me whatsoever in regards the fact is like an infection Kamal Khan or someone like that yeah yeah I I have had no ill effects whatsoever well let me ask you so they do say that and this is for Dr Daniel Wallace again foremost the expert that I can find that there is a risk of of retinal toxicity as the years go on continue is used to goes up after ten years up after the rest those after fifteen years and they usually adjust the dose downward have you had your yearly eye exam her hair dryer yearly exam and I want to warn her hi guys and he heard you don't take them out of Iraq even worry about it we are back in the early days when the game the large doses and that's when the problems who knows Wallace is saying that after ten years you know you have a ten percent and fifteen years continuous use some patients are that are given the advice five milligram kilogram daily dose but you're taking more than that right now I'm gonna go to Cornell grams a day okay well I think you probably have your probably a prime candidate you can check with your doctor that would probably need to get the eyes examined more often correct correct worker like it's very hard I because I know once you find other than on your old age right spoke well anyway I I don't know what anecdotally have that as the president said they're looking for people at that have been taking hydroxy Cork Winfrey the lupus or rheumatoid arthritis that are extracted covert nineteen so far they can't find them if anyone is in that category I urge you to go to doctor well oz's website is looking for you anyway thanks Brian glad you're up doing okay Julie is in California she's been taking plaquenil for lupus which is the same thing as hydroxy Clark whenever you I'm good nice to hear that to speak with your son how many years you've been taken shoot since seven ninety three wow one time password at this and of course I was at three while I was at three pills a day at one point in my life she will refer the doctor's going with with the hydroponic hi Joel say three times a day it was a with a two hundred milligram pills each day or yes each one of them now you know I do experience some stomachache but other than that it did that to cure to lupus and now two days my doctor has taken me off because my lupus is in remission you know you take the explain you have to go to the doctor or you know every three months I went get your blood test every three months is when I've taken the higher the dose and then later it dropped to about every six months to get my eyes in my blood because it it will you know any like any kind of medication you know it'll it'll affect you so the check my my lip to make sure it's still doing good and that the doctors know what they're doing and and the drug works for what it needed and I'm happy that I was I was just checking in because I like I never ever got the flow that's interesting Julie the of that see that's the that's what we're trying to get this could be a prophylactic come our anyway I gotta let you go here we're going to take the president stepping to the podium for the stations along the Sean Hannity show network will take this to the end of the show for full coverage and we have Hannity tonight at nine the vice president also Dr Raza much more we'll see then back here tomorrow but to the task force the coronavirus task force briefing thank you very much yeah thank you this is a Holy Week when religious believers across the nation will observe Passover Good Friday and Easter millions of Jewish families begin Passover at sundown tonight is sacred and broken tradition that traces back to the ancient land of Egypt and on Sunday we celebrate our beautiful wonderful Easter which we all look forward to and we're going to have many Easter's together encourages in the future we're getting closer you see the numbers we're getting much closer to getting our country back to the way it was we have now an extra two countries that have been attacked one eighty four they're being attacked as we speak the bug will win some point with at all when we're going to do it sooner than people think earlier today I spoke with ten thousand of America's faith leaders to thank them for raising the spurs of our people during these very difficult days well we may be physically apart we can use this time to pray to reflect and to focus on our personal relationship with god I also spoke with more than three thousand mayors county commissioners and state and tribal leaders.

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