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It was a bunch of different rankings. And then their averages by whatever what a mess. Total mess. It was always the two best teams, which is what we're going for anyway. Ronald and Ohio. What's going on Ronald not much? How you doing? What's what's on your mind? Playoff. I would better. If you went to eighteen take the five power conference champion and the highest rate mid major champion next to ice rank teams where looking at each other wondering, what type of door did you slam garage or kitchen door which door? Did you? That was a basement door basement. It was my son is slanted. Well, I'm glad you didn't slam your son into into the basement. Glad we're. No, you're right. Eight teams to me it gives the biggest possibility. And I think it's also something that you know, we have a playoff beginning on Christmas weekend. Yes. I don't think to did eight you can take the six New Year's day bowl games. Have those the first round and second round rotated? And then a championship to be bid out who I like people. I mean. Ronald knew they wanna make money. Appreciate the call. Thanks for holding on as you did. Four games Christmas weekend. Two games New Year's day around the Rose Bowl. If the Rose Bowl is not involved in the final. Semifinals in the two sites. 'cause what it's always rotated between rose cotton sugar, fiesta, right? And then one in every team the two spots that aren't involved, obviously, the Rose Bowl gets a New Year's day. And then whichever day isn't gets the next day. And then everybody's out of the mix for the national championship where they're going to just put it in an NFL stadium, which I think is ridiculous thing. Mean the Rosebowl should be the side of the national championship game. Why not greatest game it's ever been played Vince young versus USC was in that spot. It's the greatest then you for really is. It really is. But it doesn't have all these luxury suites, these other places have still fits hundred thousand pots mazing. Final poll results over there. Christopher what do you have? Yeah. Who you buying stock of in the next ten years? Trevor Lawrence to any of the twenty rookie quarterback's Trevor Lawrence guys fifty six percent. How about Chris Fowler? Didn't even he's like it's either two or Trevor none of quarterbacks are just got drafted. Lamar Jackson six and one in his first seven starts Baker Mayfield. And by the way, it looks like Freddie kitchens is going to get that job in Cleveland as between him and Kevin Stansky. Okay. All right Browns fans. Yup. I how do you not give it a, Freddie kitchens? Because if you don't he's gone gonna go is going to go to Tampa. And you've got to keep some measure of consistency for your quarterback that just look dynamite the minute. He started calling place for him. And just hope he's got the accurate to be able to control all of the team. How do you? Greg Williams thinks about that. When he probably has seven other guys firings going right away. He's fine. Chris Harrison of the bachelor on tomorrow's program. That'd be a lot of fun with him. And with you as well. We will chat with you on Wednesday. Thanks for taking in this Tuesday show. It's me shack, the general podcast one sports net. You'll stop with the best sports podcast. We've got it all in one place from Steve Austin to Jim Harbaugh. Dan, Patrick, the official Lakers podcasts and more podcast one sports where it's.

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