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With head coach. Vance Joseph Broncos in the jets in about twenty five minutes. You look at your defense against the jets offense. And you made the comment last week after the game that your big players have to make big plays in a pair frizzy but have to make big plays in big big. I mean, and that's gonna be no different here this morning, you you your guys on defense have got to find ways to make some play. It's been three weeks. Dave and. Wayne taking the ball away. You know, that's the problem. You know, so our differences based on Russian a passer Ozzy sack and a pass and we're taking the ball away. So it's been three weeks where we've had a drought. So it's important that we I stop the run and Secondly Winther downs. But thoroughly take the ball away. And on the other side of the ball. You guys haven't thrown touchdown pass in three weeks. And although the running game is important. I think the running game can give you control of the game. Ultimately, you gotta find ways to score. And in this league more times than not that's throwing the ball. You said it, you know, we're averaging right now five point six a carry, you know, so that's big time. But the school point it come through the air. So we've gotta find fourteen eighty eight and ten more often, especially in a a score points. You have said that to me before about the outside guys. And if you look at the production of both Emmanuel Sanders intermarries Thomas, it's it's been the last couple of weeks. It's been for lack of better term pedestrian. They really been involved in many big place. How do you go about trying to get them more involved? Well, I think we've. Seen a lot of show. Coverage running game spin so good with fourteen and ten and eighty eight. I mean, it's gonna it's going to be covered cover four. And I don't blame them, you know, sort of run game has been good, but we've got some concepts to beat show coverage. So when we call those plays, we gotta hit them wide open. Give me a couple of things that you need to get done. Today to get a win defensively, stop and run and taking the ball away and winning third downs. Or offensively is. Football. You know? But obviously in a Red Sox going touchdowns not field goals. All right. Good luck today. Thank you guys asked. Vance Joseph show presented by Ameristar casino resort spa. Blackhawk step up your game. We'll catch up with Broncos insider, Mike Klis that's next and the KOA Broncos radio network. Cooney.

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