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Great well andress. Thank you very much for coming. Onto the automated. Podcasts is great to have you here saying you so one of the things i like to do with all my guests when they first come on to get a little bit more of a personal connection with you to understand what made you originally interested in the topic will be talking about vr today Quite a bit so what initially got you interested in that. So actually my my interest. In in i came morris A site thing and it was kind of a coincidence. You could say like around a year ago. I started to really have this interest in teaching in particularly meditation and and kind of how to work with your consciousness to get more awareness in your life and happiness in. Oh that's really what is And Because i had a background tech entrepreneurs kind of thing. Obviously maybe i can kind of build like tech product around you know leverage some of my knowledge as an entrepreneur an also that that could like because many people teaching meditation. That could kind of be in it. That was how i thought about it in my mind and what happened So so and i had seen these kind of rectal. Visualizations that. don't know if you're aware of sexual medics. So i'm also a practicing meditation guy. So i've been doing it for quite a long time so i understand also within the covert lockdown situation. I think there was a massive gravitation towards meditation apps in general so Whether whether the fracture or guided. Or otherwise i think i think i understand where you're coming from. Yeah well deal was to create the ultimate meditation machine and then using these kind of rectal visualizations in three sixty and had that as like an edit component there is actual research jesting that have are very common effect and potentially are able to like make the kind of analytical mind a bit more passive so it's elective and try to digest which is really wanted to do in the initial phases of learning meditation anyways That kind of That coincidentally fru working on this the startup. I bumped into the guys. I'm working with now in meeting vr. Because we would just at the same place only having that via thing in common. And i was just seeing what they were doing and it really awesome and that was right before the pandemic and and we were talking about. Maybe should help them a little bit. Just on a consultancy basis with some business strategy and stuff like that and then the pandemic hit. And i was like okay. I can i jump ball ship. Kinda struggle moment fruit food for the first free s that they had already kind of gun fruits so i just decided like why buy make it hot for myself and and And yet so we are. You're almost a year after i guess. Well i think that's one of the more interesting backgrounds that somebody's given onto the podcast. It's rare that meditation. Some sort of interesting introspection leads you into either. vr technology. Talk on here so so great to hear we have talked about. Vr a number of times on the podcast. I think what would be good is if we just kind of dive into. What is the company that you're working with a meat in vr. I looked at it quite a bit on the online. It'd be great to hear a little bit from from yourself. Kind of what is what is it. What makes it different from other platforms and kind of what makes you excited about it. I think initially what made me excited about. It was that i saw that. The founders stimulate for people. And i mean. I didn't actually need to know a lot more than that. Because i just saw people's reactions and it was just kind of gut level feeling of all lead. Holy fuck it's really possible. Like sorry can occur on this. Yeah yeah yeah go ahead. But people were so they were so blown away and And i described towards those kind of expensive moments in my life. I feel like that's what the an important part of what life is about. And i think now that with the pandemic still upon us Rooms where we can meet in. Vr specifically are maybe more needed than at any other time in the in the past four for the for the listeners. Can you maybe describe what Meet in vr. Is i think the idea is relatively simple to grasp. But i think that the the impact it would have is actually quite interesting. This of course So the isis is that it's a it's a virtual meeting room. It has everything you would expect from being in a meeting with somebody You'll represented you have like a character. It's kind kinda like a game. You have your headset on you. You have a character that looks like you and then you'll meeting in in a virtual meeting room and so it's a lot like it's a it's kind of what's it called a substitute for soom and video calls and what it can do video course kinda cannot do. Is that feeling of being together with the people joe meeting with

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