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I like both of the racist. They had the little beginning Daytona And they had the the final Amman race at the end and those were entertaining now like that a lot but but everything else. They'll come are looking the table contest. It looks like they do three Lamont's like that. Sounds like nice mightiest probably goes the whole. Who Do three? Yeah they do. Nineteen sixty four ninety six five nineteen sixty thirty six in which one is the one that can miles. Oh okay because the IT. You just WanNa see racing stuff in like eraser so much stupid legged soap opera drama between Ford in shelby be an Ken miles. That I don't think added anything. You could rate lots chapters around the the time that Ford lost the the first year they went into it and can miles didn't get picked. They just got destroyed and they totally skipped over that in the movie. That was like a couple of minutes. They read the newspaper thing or it's like four loses big because they never went with Ken. Miles no but that was not Lemond those that was the main sixty five brealey. Yeah they They didn't go with him. Yeah like Delta car her and they went with some other driver and then the way they showed in the movie was just that newspaper third so dotting. I'm looking at the plot. Yeah Yeah you're right. It's nine hundred is actually nine hundred sixty four and they didn't show that brace at all they should've what the hell he just had him listening on radio. Oh my God did I convince you agree because it makes so much like I. I was under the assumption that Ford hadn't started the project yet until because they said we have ninety days to build it they said at some point Obviously it took like three years instead but like still cool the cover. I would rather make it up and have Ken Miles. There even not not racing but track just doing something here like criticized and like he should have done that he you know like I don't know man what the Hell Jam said. Now doc I told you I mean I we've been watching a lot of films on TV and it just doesn't. Yeah before I forget I have support. I want to bring up Related new not watching films in one sitting. I thank yes it hurts the film I agree with you and I think I think this film probably I almost stopped as ask Dude I if I stop now I think I'll ruin it so just continue to. I'd probably start at the same time you did. I thought about it As like now I gotTa plow through now this next hour or so And I think in fact that probably affected your rating of clouds. Because you wanted more but you have to you no longer appreciate someone condensing movie in our thirty because you're splitting up anyways you know like you're not nagging the two and a half hour movies necessarily And Klaus it's kind of those. Have my our movies have so much content that when you looked at clouds your leg yeah just needed to be more. Yeah it could have been more issue's she's two and a half hours Wasn't and the star bad thing. I think it's a good thing. I think it's your kind of like eating food. You're like damn and one more and you really think you want more and then you eat more food and you're like I'm too full Instead of stat. But you really think in that moment you think again well more more artists a little bit more I. I was ready to for it though I just I was like this is not good so as long as you're yeah you are notice it right in your where you try to plan your top. Because I'm thinking about and are a in in terms of a movie. Would you rather it be too short to long. Like oh they like with clouds. I think I'd prefer to be a little missing some substance than something like the Irishman or for versus Ferrari. Were you dislike because it's so much less memorable rable because.

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