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Of Vaccination P ece from Singapore, which we Michael has procured the entire radio. Something something enough? Get suspected, Uncle Bob and me, Robbie. Everybody is timeto affectionate. No time to waste. But he Oh, come from, say, yeah. Rosie, come on. Befriending affection is not short of the base over tonight. So let me know what you want me. Oh, we'll have to Well to get back to this later. I love that. Oh, why just stop it! That's good stuff. So I'm trying to remember what it doesn't really make up or there was a fantastic book. I read it like I think it's just called the ninth. A book about the Beethoven's ninth sympathy That's just just focused on that one thing and how I wrote it now is receiving everything. It's absolutely fantastic anyway. Maybe I'll try to figure that out. We have the rest of the singing more. Singapore Singapore vaccination from club That's the one if you like that yesterday. I'm stupid. I'm Jack Armstrong. He's Joe Getty on this Friday, May 7th the year 2021 where I'm strong and getting we approve of this program. All right, then let's begin officially. Now, according to FCC rules and regulations, hat mark, I think we should start lifting these restrictions as aggressively as we put them in. We need to preserve the credibility of public health officials. Wow. I recognize the voice of Scott got like we need to Remove these restrictions as fast as we put them in. That is not what's happening. That is not at all what's happening. Speaking of things we predicted over and over again, and you're right. The government loses credibility. Absolutely right. When it's clear. It's that article were talking about yesterday why the left won't let go of the pandemic or whatever it was from the Atlantic. It Z making everybody cynical about everything the government tells us when you get when you're looking around and seeing nonsense. And everybody gets vaccinated by July, 4th. I was just said a little league baseball game packed full of people everywhere. Kids, parents, old people, young people, everybody, no masks anywhere. What do you think about The New York Times is publishing stories about this mother of three is afraid to have teen or backyard with a fellow fully vaccinated person, even though they both had it and they're both vaccinated and Baba. And and they don't portrayed as a crazy person or a person who's motivated by some odd political tribal leaning. They just reported as some people are concerned. Yeah, crazy people are. Yeah, I came across some statistics system trying to verify It seems to be true that the most vaccinated town in my local area right now is also the most shut downtown in the local area Interested is not surprising. Um, how's mail back? Look. Oh, it's excellent. And we have cows. Well, clips of the week to come in moments. Oh, cool on the way state. Armstrong and Getty. You've heard us talk about simply Safety Award winning home security system engineered with the latest technology to help keep your family safe. But what really sets simply say for partisans, people, highly trained security experts who are always there for you when you need them most, and they truly care about keeping you safe. Yeah, For instance, when the alarm goes off a person who cares? Is there for you with a phone call to make sure you're okay. When an emergency happens, a person who cares is there for you by getting fire and police responders to your front door right away. Even if you're just having a problem setting up your system, a person who cares? Is there for you with a friendly chat in the quick resolution?.

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