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Let's see two weeks from yesterday, right, the 24th there's gonna be an exhibition down at whatever they're calling it now guaranteed rate, Parkfield. The cell, Comiskey. Whatever brewers are playing on the White Sox on the 22nd will be an exhibition that Wednesday night there off Thursday and then Friday. The 24th is when this thing well. Get going for Rio for Rio and I will bring you another brew is classic. By the way coming up on Wednesday night at six o'clock. Have you enjoyed those I hope you have. It's been really Really fun listening to I mean, kind of Obama radio geek, obviously, but listening back to it. Whether it's Bob Ugur and Corey pro Vis, Bob Ugur and Jim Powell, Pat Hughes and Bob Ugur. It's It's just It's really fun to listen back to You know those old broadcast because you you think? Oh, I remember when I don't know if he'll like me. I will use sports oftentimes as a As a landmark for other events in my life or in the world. For example. Kind of brewers related thing, but for example, I'll always remember the white Ford Bronco Chase of OJ's, because I was also watching the Knicks in the Houston Rockets in the N B a finals and they were going back and forth between The news network and the broadcast to the game. Other things as well. I've mentioned this on the air once before. Remember when he danced? He think pen. Remember? Holy Yancey think Pim is Yancey think pen dropped that touchdown pass in the end zone. Got scared by the ghost of Vince Lombardi. Yeah, eyes there. Somebody's ghost. It allowed the Packers to clinch That division was at 95 I believe was their first division title in decades. And I just always remember that because that was Christmas Eve and that night, you know, you have to go to church and and perform the Christmas program in school and things like that. There are sports. For me, and you may be the same. There are games that I use that people use. That are so closely tied with news events with personal events. Maybe you know what I'm willing to bet There's somebody, maybe you out there right now, listening that remembers the birth of your first born because it happened on a Packers game. You got married on a Packers Sunday. I know there's some of you that got married during a big play off game. I don't know if you got married during a Super Bowl. If you get married in the middle of, you know, January early February, so be it. But Sports does that for us in some ways, doesn't it? It's It's funny how our memory our minds work. And so we we, we link one to another. But as we've brought you Brewer's classics during this Period without actual riel live baseball. Maybe that is something that is triggered Other memories for you. I remember exactly where I was when, when the Morgan Had the game winning hit in Game five of the 2011 2011 and L D. S remember exactly where I was when when you count had his 3/1000 base hit. It's funny because You kind of feel old, too. In a way you go, man. Was that already 2011? Do you realize we're coming up on almost almost 10 years since that Morgan hit Of my favorite brewer moments too. Be there for that one? No, I was actually for setting my parents driveway because I did not want to go into the house until I heard what happened. I'm watching the game through the wood on their TV and listening to you cur and ah! With a bucket the time of previous Ah, 2011 with Corey Promise, but it was you got the call. So wait a minute. How come you didn't go in your house? Are you? Are you superstitious? Like I am? Are you a little bit? Hey, if things were going well, I'm not going to move from this chair. A little bit of that, and a little bit of I don't want to miss it because I kind of I had a feeling that this is going to end it right here, and I didn't want to miss it. I don't want to be going in the front door as the game winning hit with it. Yeah. I love that conversation as well. I've I've had that conversation with many of you before about sports superstitions. I admit I will admit To all of you and to evidence. I am very superstitious. I feel and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that where I am standing where I'm sitting, how I'm standing. How I'm sitting where my foot is where my arm is position all of that. All of that governs the success. Of the teams for which I cheer. Absolutely the fact the fact that the Packers lost that horrible playoff game in San Francisco. The Owens Owens Owens that playoff game. That is because I moved off the arm rest. Of the couch in my parentshouse. That's on me. That is on me totally on me. Yeah, I'm that guy. Okay, I'm that guy when we come back, I'm also that guy That brings you a three pack of stories that I find somebody interesting, and in one case rather revolting today, but We're all friends. I can share that with you. It includes I always love a good Would you say, Stupid criminal story? Well, I've got three stupid criminals as it were. I have a rental car company that is trying to revitalize its business with a particular aroma. When you enter a vehicle and One Baker using one very personal Personal ingredient. To make bread. Hey, it's almost dinner time. Or we come back. Let's do look..

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