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I wish I could ski. Snow here stays pretty green. I'M GONNA make a lot of money then. I'M GONNA quit this scene. I wish I had a good ski wisha. Long would teach me away Aby River from Joni Mitchell. You've got one more great blue track for us. Jim A case of you Greg The Mitchell obsessive who I think often are obsessing and not listening Debate is this song about her romantic split from Graham Nash. Or is it about Leonard Cohen. I you know I don't care I that's life. That's not her art. What is brilliant about this? Art Is that we've all had a case of someone that is both good for us. And bad for US everybody you know obligatory rock critic quote. I'm a lonely painter. I lived in a box of paints. Okay but to me the the lines before that you know you are in my blood like holy wine you taste so bitter and so sweet. I could drink a case of you and I'd still be on my feet. That's everything I love about Johnny Mitchell number one. She's tough as nails. You know what I mean. You Not GonNa drink me under the table. I tell you I write number two the play on a case by case abuse a bad case of the flu but also I'll I'll devour case of you. I can't get enough and I love you but I'm also a broken by this relationship as we end it. All of these feelings are encompassed. And you know a lot of times. We talk about artists who cover something. I think it's a testament when a wide array of incredible talents. Come to the same song for inspiration and make it their own Tori Amos prints Diana Krall Katie Lang. All of them have done versions of case. View I think that they are all hearing something in it Different and bringing something of their own and you know so is everyone who really listens to in loves blue a case of you by Joni Mitchell on sad opinions just before.

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