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Ask me to these kids for nineteen years old the veterans who will show them kind of like these tricks of the trade and Brian Shaw has really heaped the compliments on him saying he wants to be great. He wants to work. He's figuring out he's he's getting better with his feet. He's getting better with trying to slow the game down. It's gonna be I opening though because I also want to sugarcoat it like that team got beat up by a team of like G League team to like realities coming at him. Like I don't know in the bubble what their their records going to be you're going to see some good stretches, but I don't know how many games are necessarily going to win. If you're leaning on these guys cause I'm kind of assuming that they're going to go winless to be honest. You need one win, right? Yeah, like maybe they win a game but like it's going to be tough. Like they have two guys that we think are like a shovel players right now. Yeah, two two plus. Yeah. Well and the other thing is to like they filled out this roster with NBA guys. They yeah, they they yeah, they stacked the deck a little bit. But I also not to be conspiracy facts, but I think the NBA wants us to work though, too. Yeah, it costs. It costs a lot of money that usually bubbles expensive. It's allegedly like five hundred thousand dollars per team entry fee. There's only 17 wage is doing it the rest off that out there the 18th, you mentioned it way back that the whole thing is like an estimated ten million dollars. Is this pathway worth it for the next round of guys wage in Pro like you then be the ones that look like it was successful thing. Right? Like they have Amir Johnson. They have Dante Hall who was in the NBA last year. They have Gerogia. Hopefully you can provide some minutes. They've branded Ashley who you know is big and can shoot a little bit Bobby Brown if you've ever gone down to UCLA..

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