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Host. Rob shooter is thursday. Which means only one thing around here it means idea friend martin. Lupo is joining us. Loopy are you there. Hey rob. I was out in a bad yesterday in new york. Markets feels like the first time i ventured to midtown maybe a year. New york's coming back. There was life everywhere. It's all great life everywhere and no mask outside. I feel free. Feel really get to see people's big smiles now and has a better smile than you. Mark your mother. Doris the dentist for that. That's right. i'm also noticing a very doppler new hack that mark. Ooh you lay. It'll shave their on the side high and tight high anti is that what you want to highlight. I asked for a mid skin fade. But it's very clean you know. Dramatic skin fade if you've learned nothing else today on the show. That's the do term. Hey we got a ton of gossip leads jumping what time it my friend t. Matthew perry was slurring. His words at the friends reunion sources. Tell me exclusively quiet. It was clear to everybody that something was wrong. So fans got to see matthew and the gang this new reunion promo. That was put out once again. We should point. This isn't an official promotion. It's a commercial for the show inside us. Tell me because it was. The official video producers executives used the best possible sound bite. So when you're teasing something when you want us to chew an in you decide what's going to add. Go through hours and hours of footage they pull out the most scandalous the most interesting soundbites. They put it into the promo literally. Tv shows have entire departments. Who had just in charge of promos. That was true when you were at the wendy show mark. They great promos over there so all these shows have promo people. This is matthew at his best snow. Which makes me very very nervous. Because he was slurring he looked a little out of my sources. Tell me everybody knew something was up. And they tried to protect him so an sombor cast like that they all rally together. Birt's obviously something's not quite right market words on a lot of shows you've worked with a lot of cast members. This happens doesn't it. Somebody can have an off day and you all rally around them and try to make the show. Go on what some of the magic of tv mark. They can do camera angles. They can edit. They can get a show pretty much out of anyone. Yeah exactly rob so. Luckily for i guess for matthew in the cast this was pre taped rights. Not live they can they. Can you know use cuts. They can cut around him. If he's saying things that don't make sense. they can kind of cut us bites out if they can But at the same time. If they're airing this and the promo i'm concerned about. What the whole episode look like. Yeah i'm told my sources. Tell me that they're being really really careful. Now they know something is up they know it and so the being very very careful obviously all pretaped so they can decide what to air. The problem is if they cut too much of matthew out then. It looks like they're ignoring him..

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