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And i can almost unfortunately promise you it's not going to be for the better do i think he he should do some time you know what i think will happen is more likely not like a two year sentence and then probably like three to five on probation just 'cause that's the way the system works i got you but but it is a big story locally because of the street racing that occurs here i mean i i'm sure all of us know friday saturday night you go over a certain bridge you see probably like thirty or forty cars on the side of the road right they're not just talking most of the local law enforcement they're well aware and they'll even say look one run you know go i you know i it's that's that's the only reason it's such a big local story outside the fact that there are two lives lost and and such a such a highly populated area i appreciate that insight man thank you for the call good day i hope cops aren't lend these guys have one rodney tonight no i i think they're going to aggressively try a crackdown on the we've been going on for a long time santa my buds on the twitter machine my son made a terrible mistake last halloween he's been in jail since and the minimum sentence for him was twenty years and he didn't kill or harm anyone seventy seven five seven nine hundred to five hang on samantha katie matt mike everybody we'll get to your calls about this moment we have a ton of more fun stuff to get to for example was it the school shootings that this lady blamed on yeah i'll tell you bad whenever a school shooting happens you you find yourself wondering like why did this happen but i think it's a reach to say that it happened because of what this congressman said i think you at least have to entertain what this lady is saying all right i'll throw it out there we'll see if anybody let's stick it might not be responsible for school shootings but it's it's responsible for a lot of wrong in the world phone calls about this horrible street racing death next andrew grubber live tomorrow night you.

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