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Do it alone we even together can't do it alone we can only do it if we work together with the rest of the international community so we're we're fainted davel relations the ship that has competitive aspects and coopers it you don't think we're faded in some sense in a zerosum game with the chinese he did they emerge on top where we stay on to i don't i think we could end up there but i do not think um we are we are fated for that outcome i think there is a lot of interest uh and i think as i said earlier china actually wants to be part of the international system but they won seat at the table and they want to be able to help right the rules which they were not able to do at the end of world war two than i think that is a legitimate thing the problem really is this i think in a way you didn't have any alternative but to bring china into these international in to to sion's as it increased its diplomatic and economic heft but i think the thing that was wrong i think we probably made to miscalculations one we thought that if if you brought china into the wto which was after all a system built by and um founded upon democratic states with open economies it would make china over time a more open economy and as it became a more open economy more free economy it would become in a more open and free political system china has been able to manage economic rise using reform and opening up but still controlling its politics open economy close polity and we didn't really think that was possible so the the political opening that we thought would fire follow economic opening did not happen and secondly because it did not become an open market oriented economy like the rest of the countries that founded the wto you now have a a system that assumes transparency and market economies with a major member in it who has a much more a mixed economy with a lot of uh non transparency and statecontrolled some of its policies are dunrite predatory immune in terms of sunshine while to certainly yet technology from western western firms and the question is what do we do about that it did not work exactly the way we thought.

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