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And i think maybe they were like toying around ken jennings and i'm like yeah. You don't have. The charisma of alex trebek's note was i could not beat hearing him say rap lyrics. I'm like i'll why these categories were hitting to say rap hilarious mike Channel of alphabet and lyrics. How do we hear. He's so great. But you're definitely going to make is definitely a big loss to lose alex. Trebek's yeah i think. A few months ago he jokes he said. Maybe i should get betty white because you know someone younger and funnier and i'm like first of all anyway. He's never gonna die okay. She can't dial it was like a no knock to happen. White her only going to the whole foods her dali both who absolutely elder they can't dolly cannot die because she's sick y'all white asks to she first of all black lives matter dolly what they do. I will hit you with my left boob. If you say anything to me. Sounds like see. Y'all thought that. I think she was in a movie with queen latifah just for the check valley. Check thank you. They want to act real surprise when their icons like are on the right side. You're because well. Because he races right. But i don't know why nothing country fans are racist. How dare donald play. Black lives matter okay. So you don't want us to who k. That's my so next story. The fresh prince reunion trailer has has dropped the on. Hbo max on november nineteenth very excited. I'm excited. I'm excited this very soon. I can't wait. I knew all the pictures earlier and it was like okay trailer. They're gonna talk about james. Avery was. I'm gonna know i'm going to cry about an when you saw the janet hubert walk going. I was like big old out we ready. Let's go ready. I'm like oh boy. This is going to be great. And they use all and picture of both aren't viz with will and it's like this is so good so gray i like. This is not a reboot. My we only know reboot. Y'all hit 'save bill. They're trying to do the drama for the dramatic version. And i think don't under trying to get will be uncle phil or something like that. I'm like i'm like that because somebody else is going to play his character. But it's going to be a yet. It's going to be interesting for it to be. It's hard to imagine it. Not as a comedy yeah. It's like yeah. We're not the of good h- mom i'm good. Y'all we don't need this but yes they by can't wait is like i'm excited for the reunion. I can't wait and this is why. Hbo max it looks the same absolutely. I'm like they look like themselves with.

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