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Fox 32. So today, the prize Is $250, and we have the song selected. We're going to give you two notes and see if you can get it. Then we will give you six notes and see if you can get it. And then we'll give you eight notes. And I I think my prediction. It'll only take two notes for this song. That's what I think. What do you guys think? I got it so hard to say, because we're always like doing a throwback there. Um, I mean, I think I can I play. It's hard with no words. That's the thing like songs. That means it's hard for me when you hear the lady. This is an iconic couple of notes like this is like, totally. It is like So we'll see. We'll see you in a second. We played a game in about 10 minutes, even when 250 bucks from our friends at Fox, and be sure to watch the show, which I will be watching because I love the idea of this. It's just like the throwback throw down and a lot of times. You guys amaze me with the The it takes almost nothing for you guys to get these songs. So I think you guys would be good at this game, too. Um, Yeah, we'll play next on the Fred Show. Good morning, Fred. Show Traffic. This report is sponsored by Staples Stores. Outbound Stevenson Heavy approaching central to Harlem with a crash off to the right shoulder. The inbound side on the brakes Western to the Dan Ryan ramp where you're reduced to one lane with road work. Staples has everything you need to start the year, right? All of amazing prices. Now it's staples or in 40% back and staples rewards when you buy any to anchor toner cartridge. Offerings. 1921 limit for visits. Staples dot com slash 40 In rewards for details Staples. I'm Amanda Stern, AKI and that's traffic on one of 35 Kiss FM. 2020 is over. We can all breathe a huge sigh of relief for that, and we can look forward to 2021 because the puzzle game best fiends is.

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