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Tough i've read sense as i'm sure you've seen to is said that she would didn't really want to go to new york and he didn't really want to go to la which seems like something you would have forced out an advance but that they were kind of it's like you and me sadly supper he did on the coast never to be together but we didn't we didn't get married for so it's okay right that there is also speculation that they didn't officially get married which i also kind of i thought that that was so i don't understand that so the idea that they fake dead or something you don't have to do the paperwork don't have to file any paperwork you have this lovely ceremony in your hearts you're married but on paper like they can just essentially he can pack of a few boxes an colleagues i saw the tmz who is usually able to find anything so they couldn't find the certificate ray ray which i love but then i also saw somewhere else that she had by the way offenses like e news is armageddon i felt like 18 different of the the last photo of john adjusted taken before the divorce ends first photos cents a time line of the whole breakdowns everything justin and genocide each other i didn't really they would go all in on this and the way that they would for you know brad angelina or i don't know of kim and konya ever got divorce or something they of really commit at like a photo history of their relationship and their relationship wasn't that long though that the other county pictures of them even exist for there to be a highlight slide show on we did you see the other thing that she had an ironclad preen up someone said now but i would hope so without that france money but the exactly and i loved that one because there was such a funny it was like she has millions and millions and he had a gas spot in zoo lander earth something it was something like that like such a demeaning way of describing any of the income he would be bringing him she will pay has spousal support and smart smartwater did you see that on says she was on the cover of architectural digest ya the curse the curse of page six reported that arkhan.

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