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So Stephen Kobetski was also in single white female man. I remember him from sneakers. That was a fun movie. Yeah. That was probably my favorite Robert Redford movie. I know you're going to say why god out of electric Horseman. I can honestly say I mean like, well, no, I do like a lot of his maybe. I thinking of Sundance Kid. Cassidy. Good movie. Oh my God we've been lucky and welcome home. Roxy Carmichael. Just. Let's just stop right there. That's all you need. Yeah. He's in. He's done everything I wonder where he played his first thunder dining women. When he played his first Creepy. Guy As the. Creepy guy he can play that. Feels like that didn't happen and in the past you know decade bring but maybe he's always been created but it wouldn't be my guy, my deep dive if he didn't have some weird. Behind. Aright Alex, in the day, the night the molly done. Okay. I'm done. Drop the MIC. Says Tobe ski recorded two songs on an album of Dallas garage band called the a new High Stevie Ray Vaughan play lead guitar with them. It was Stevie for studio recording in nineteen seventy. Awesome Interesting. What instrument did he play? The Jews Harp. On Base Guy Right. Her drown. It. Looks like it was corrected. So I don't know what the first line of that part says he was the lead singer in the I band formed by Guitar Legend Avon. High School together and less, but it says not true please. Change to nineteen seventy. Yeah. Anyway was interesting out. he was going to wear the date. Yes, about. Everybody was in that movie Steven till ski broke his neck in five places while horseback riding in. Iceland. Underneath an active volcano, you didn't think it was to get weird enough to okay. Wait a minute minute right but wait there's more. IMDB. This is off IMDB. Broke his neck and five places while horseback riding in Iceland underneath an active volcano after the wind pit him and his horse up off the ground. 'em Blew them off the road. He was required where neck brace for three and a half months and maintains the.

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