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That's the in wrestling fans are passionate if you if we do if we start to smell wait a minute person doesn't know what she doing there. But it's amazing that you turned around and instead of being like oh what a dick that guy in the front row was. You're like you know what. I should probably make sure that my all my t's are crossed. I is are dotted before dinner. Yes so you start you come in as an annex t. ringing out right and how long are you doing Well i think i was. So i did bring announcing for the house. Shows not the televised ones. And i was doing the backstage interviews for annexed at the time so I would say the annex t thing for about two years with some sprinkling of some smackdown or some are also whenever. I was needed but i didn't full-time go to smack. Don't think until maybe you're three or when you're doing ring announcing energy are sort of Entree into wwe. Are you like oh. I can get comfortable with this or in the very beginning. Are you going. Whoa this totally different world. I'm going to be honest. And i'm very open about this. Bring announcing something that i want to do. It's a it's a skill set. I think i did fine with it but it is a very difficult job and those who do it well. Every week are just incredible. They make it look easy but it is not an easy job coming from broadcast background I never used my voice like that. We talked like this on camera. Not like they're like all the. Yeah so it. W it's time to find my voice but also ring announcing probably is what helped me become a better host like a hosting the bump. Could you just learn how to go on the fly to interact with people Definitely has made me a lot quicker. So i'm grateful for that phase of wbz time but I'm i'm grateful that that is behind me now. I would imagine coming from the outside. You like okay. What i get all the information cards. I go to the ring. I read my cart. And they're like no. You would actually memorize memorizing weights hometowns nicknames. Even like the way. I remember Aj styles away He's announced his very like a j styles. And i remember i didn't really know that's how he wanted it done at a house show and he's so nice about it became corrected me like mainly kind of practice doing the way he wanted because all the superstars however certain things and it's up to us to obviously put out there so lots of things they memorize and get down but Yeah i don't think people think about that that the the ring announcer is part of the package that this superstar is building. It's part of the character. It's part of the way like it's got us sound the same. Because you know i mean you think about different entrances in announcements and people do associate like Salaam sort of brand entrance as their brand. And also i mean. I feel like if you really intimidated. Because i think a lot of guys if you mess something up like a hometown or wade or even a name. Because you're flustered or whatever and it's difficult though feel disrespected. that'd be like one hundred percent you know and why it's so important. When we bring in new ring announcers Only disabled before the night starts pull aside the superstars and even just show that you are interested in knowing exactly how they want things done. That goes a long way than just messing it off. Then yeah because you've got to gain the respect to these guys and gals Barron corbin was one 'cause then he's built from kansas city and i said kansas city missouri. Now that's correct. That's not how he wanted done. He was he was cool about it but he came over. The rope looked at me and goes. It's not missouri or just like. I'm so sorry. Awesome because he can yell at you but still being character begins. When did you feel like you know being in. Wwe that you're like okay. I get this. I get like you came in like a like sheep ready like you like just just like a lay on my should say right like i like you know what wrestling is. You're aware of the product. Obviously but you. I mean it's really complicated thing. It's a really complicated business. So when did you feel like okay. i get what. wwe is. And i get where i fit. It probably was. I had already been here for a couple of years before. I think i felt that way. I also when you go from brand bran and in the atmosphere is different from annex t to raw to smackdown. I had the chance to work with all of them and then kind of owners to delay the land. How things work here. So i mean honestly at the top of the. The beginning of the pandemic was oddly. How when i start feeling and getting my groove. So wow yeah not not too long ago. Wow i mean has it. Has it made a difference for like you haven't at the time. We're we're taping this. You have it hosted a pre show in arena with hands right. I mean wrestlemainia. I guess it's true value right ripe at lake like you haven't sat at the table. You know in the midst of everything with people walking up behind you and trying to get on camera and everything. It's going to be a totally new animal right. Yeah absolutely. I haven't thought about this with thanks. This i'm excited. Though when rene young used to host them after her charlie caruso it was cool to cooler. Just sit back and watch the interactions with the fans at at the table. Nothing a man..

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