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Why you always a Tiki bar, right? Next door to that Curio key drag bar called lucky Chang's. Oh, cool. Lucky Chang's in the first time I ever said, I was an actor out loud was at lucky Chang's. We would go Kuni get all liquid up you'd have zombie one of those drinks, they poorer all the the flaming. And and then you go through the kitchen to lucky changs. And I I was doing a show with Ed the show. Ed nice. You did an episode of. And and we were all there, and we hadn't been on the air yet and hostess for the show was Nita cocktail. She was just surly and fierce, and I signed up, and I went up to sing. And she was. Yeah. Cute. Honey, what's your name? And I said, it's it's Justin she goes. And what do you do for a living? And I said well, and I looked at my cast mates. I was like I'm an actor. And she goes, so am I dear? I'm an actress what restaurant you work. And I said, well, you know, I don't work at a restaurant Moore. I'm actually an actor just an actor. And she goes. Yeah. And where do you where else do you work? And I said, I got really nervous. And she said, you know, what I've a friend who refuses to say that he is he's an actor and the refuses to say what works, and I'm an actress and I worked here, and I'm proud of it, and you should be two toss me the microphone. It's a great introduction. And I just did you crush chessy is a friend. He's been staring daggers. But okay, quick question. The speaking short questions. Yeah. A DVD. What is your most commonly used emoji on your phone? Oh, probably the the rose emoji my mother, and I when we text each other always end with a double rows or multiple roses. It's just like our sort of thing. And also like the the eggplant and re water draw Trump's edge, and you get the cherries in front of that. And you get the whole package or peach peach ending on. Yeah. Or just a nice face after the water drops. Oh can also. Yeah. There's this guy plant and then the three water drops. And then there's sort of the the the smiley face, but it's like dripping down the side of the mouth. Try factor. Facial emoji facial ammonia favor. Favor or this one. If you this is not a sure maybe, but if you could give twenty year old speaking of that guy back in that room who was like trying to figure it out with this male friends, if you could give him advice now twenty year old Neil about anything. But like, really solid advice. You sit him down for like, thirty seconds. What would you say? Oh, wow. That's really cool question. Ooh, I bet you wanna know what Neil said next. Well, you're going to have to listen to the rest of my interview with Neil and lots of other guests and to do that. Just subscribe to life is short on apple podcasts or wherever you're listening right now..

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