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Rest do nothing. I'm seventy one going on forty you are. You are exactly well. It gives hope to all of us that there's a next chapter in our lives. Whatever that life is. It isn't the we're not the end of the book yet. We're not at the end of the road. It ain't over till it's over right. It's not now. I would encourage listeners as we're wrapping this this show up. I won't let you know we have a whole new process going on and that is we hired. Melissa is a delay delay. See how melissa delay see as a programming expert who is show booker show booker. And she has booked the most incredible episodes. You will already heard. I've seen dead people and you've already heard The c- the title is living without regret. And the show is is making a turn and we're really going for. There will still be several shows with terry nine with people that i know but we're going for wider do author new authors wider net wider perspective. And so i encourage you to listen because the show. I think is only going to get better just like your next chapter. It's only getting better. I applaud you for taking the step. The leap of faith into the show and being reactive and listening enough to react when you heard the opportunity and you went for it. Thank you paul and to keep with it because it ain't easy right. It's easier to quit than it is to go forward. Sometimes you know it's easier to quit when things get tough. Yeah that is the challenge of all of us isn't it is when things get tough we wanna say. Look i just wanna bail. I don't want to deal with it. And but isn't that test of faith or the test of marriage or the test of any sort of belief or commitment. It's only when the going gets tough that you find out if you're really committed to this or not and what you're made of such is the way of god. I want to thank everybody for listening to the next chapter with charlie and i wanna thank producer paul for his excellent question in in the last three episodes it has been we just did this on a wing and a prayer lot of prayer and i just had a blast. I hope you enjoy and Until we come to our next regularly scheduled. Podcast this is charlie hedge signing off and by for now and love to all..

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