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The suspect was taken into custody Charlotte chief Kerr Putney says the shooter specifically targeted a building on campus with some familiarity with that building up particularly on beyond that I can't really get into specific. So the choice of that building was by design wasn't injured. The university will move forward with final exams and graduation plans. Florida lawmakers pass a Bill that in the wake of the deadly parkland high school shooting last year allows more teachers to be armed at school. The Florida house the majority of whom are Republicans passed the Bill which now goes to the desk of governor. Rhonda Santa's who is expected to sign it. The Bill expands a guardian program already in existence that allows teachers to volunteer to be armed as a last line of defense. When a police officer is not present many Democrats in the legislature. Oppose the measure as the teachers unions and several of the state's larger school boards who say confronting school shooters should be left to law enforcement Grenell. Scott, Fox News. The west coast should be ready for another busy wealth fire season. The national injury. Gency fire center says a heavy crop of grasses and find fuels developed across California and should elevate fire potential, California, experienced its deadliest and largest wildfires in the past two years, including a fire in the northern part of the state. They killed more than eighty people dancer and singer Paula Abdul, wowed the crowd at the billboard music awards performing songs from her nineteen eighty eight album forever your girl, while tapping the dancing cartoon cat from her music video opposites attract also made an appearance the winners in this year include Arianna Guerande as top female.

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