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This is a tough heart and show and we appreciate you listening tonight is the debate the next two nights ten people tonight Liz was born Bernie Sanders both tonight published a picture to show the two of them in the Middle everybody flanked somebody tweeted out it looked like two elderly parents with their adult children like by their adult children I was did look about look like that but I want to pick up on a call that we got during the break and somebody who said he was Kenyatta is afraid of the show was an amazing voice at who said my daughter was not planning to vote she said that can't it's all look too old and should relate to that and as someone in the background and passion for youth engagement in democracy I was reminded by a reminder of the example share with me by my friend Caitlin Baggott who now is the executive director of a small mid sized foundation and was one of the co founders of the bus project and and she said Jeff do you know she said more than this is a Jeff do you know the can't it was who was elected with the biggest delta and young voting in American history and I would gas and and as you describe this person I see okay well since you're asking I'm assuming it's not Obama because otherwise you're sort of making the asking the question in a way that suggests that's what you want me to answer your right it's not a bomb and I said I don't know Kennedy said no I don't remember what I guess next she knows Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected by young people and wouldn't because he was young it wasn't because he was particularly a fiery speaker but he did build a team and have a platform that would engage jobless young Americans in the new economy that had left them behind and wealth disparities there were crushing them and that built a generation of voters that be get not only the new deal but also the great society I in our efforts to be a little more woke let us also be aware of ageism that I recognize it is easy for any of us to relate to someone who looks like us whatever that look in tales the hair lank close certainly I certainly skin color age but the lesson of FDR could be many things but one is you don't have to be the spry est candidate in order to be an inspiring candidate and you don't even have to leave the leave when he was described as described was not described as most charismatic headed the field but rhetorically speaking metaphorically speaking his spine was of steel even if Hollywood robbed him of his ability to walk I think that we can build movements that are not merely cult of personality I think we can build movements that are not only based on if the person is elected we can relate to his that's not to diminish the excellent question but as we talk to our young people the lessons of history could inform us and we can say yeah your teachers are all gonna be young your parents are going to be young that people do some of the most the some of the most and best work what I'll be young summer will be not all will be that in after the only way that we evaluate a presidential candidate I probably said enough on that let's go to Jacob from Baltimore Maryland hello Jacob Hey you have an idea and thanks for taking my call you're in Baltimore are you is it rat infested are you human being for I understand human beings can't live in Baltimore I watch the wire and I heard the president added states I apologize for what he said yeah I actually live in congressman county district but I am indeed human and my house to the from the clean so to me I I I I would crawling on because what I'd really like to hear during the debate ya is cruel along the federal actually gonna take climate change seriously and if you remember I called a few months back to talk to you about what I meant by that and that's that we can't think of climate change one issue even an extremely you said it will be either I remember this a you said I need to be a lens through which we observe every issue exactly and so when we are talking about issues tonight I want to see who was born which of these candidates I want to recognize the strands of climate change that runs through each of these issues about the fact that there's been a drought in Honduras Guatemala El Salvador for six years now the devastated the economy there I was on the fact that the only heat wave domestic violence and violent crime both go up you know talking about the fact that as the weather changes even intimidating and putting in danger agricultural sector and how we are growing crops and the places that were growing crops and are featured in future I was talking about how the type of housing decision that we need to be making open kind of starting to fade out single family home to move towards more multi density housing and also of worried she does here you know if people are you know I went inside of city by creating grueling state about psychological help and recording and so I want to see which there is no do this so far I have to say even people like Jay and claim that may our candidate all about climate change has been standing in this aspect and water hard might be in the right place they don't really seem to get in some we got forty seconds Jay let me take that forty seconds to reply and appreciate it and I do ever that call and it impacted my thinking I'm glad you call again you called again so that it impacts all of our thinking and so remember let me try something we just try something if you'd permit me the and connecting your comment to John Nichols comment to say well we got a we got to be thinking about Detroit it Michigan be maybe Pennsylvania maybe Wisconsin we got me thinking about old industrial America and imagine this imagine if somebody was ask question immigration this understand one of the dynamics of immigrations world getting hotter and people are leaving hot place and that's going to be happening for the next ten or twenty years and.

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