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I don't beverage is the bar will be open there will be music music reception from totem city at six o'clock actually they'll be playing right when we open the door about a go to six thirty in in the films will begin right at seven o'clock but boy do i have some opportunities for interview guys occurred we haven't done this for a while i got four of them tony cox tony cox number tony dungy from bad santa had center it in the feature a little person oh okay that what's he doing now he is now he just finished bad center to bed santa to is open on tv de next week no thanks i mean i don't know i'd when we're gon you what do what he got against little people know for its that's what it is is on tv dui i'm going to i'm going to save the best for last on that that's that wasn't the basket no alright how about scott decker's who we got dicker is the founding editor of the onion and author of trump's america by this book in mexico will pay for it you know okay and maybe on both of those yeah i let me keep going off keep teasing area so we vegas bars earth you know then they him comedian after best known for as real life comedy the recognizes are audiences can relate to that laughs last comic standing everybody loves reliever this cullen as well as a pimp in he's got a stand up documentary called the dying laughing blow okay right and then the last one geno he makes a lot of jokes about tony cox and they're both for women of a certain age what i just third major doesn't mean then all of a job forget all are at always means is all remind you that susan surrounding the seventy programs seventy floyd and up for grab yes route much you know the you know women of a certain age and the team top ralph not year when the yes absolutely yes what's he he's got to i knew movie called last kept corona no last kept corona i saw that.

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