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Hi Emily v Gordon and wow you're getting a bonus this is a bonus episode of staying in with Emily and Komal. You guys have been going so you get a bonus. This bonus episode is an interview with our friend. David Chang who is a chef and restaurateur restaurants? All her also and Artur. He has a show on. Netflix called ugly delicious. Which is one of my favorite shows. I cry watching not. He's not but what makes an tour? I mean I don't. Let's keep someone who does things clear. Think goods this things good. He's not talk as he does things we interview with him and we it was. We kind of ended up chatting for a while. I will say that he you'll hear on the episode. He's on the phone trying to grab Wi fi where he can to talk to us. So the quality. Don't yell at us about the quality. We did our best and I will tell you that the first three minutes to quality isn't great and then the quality improves. Yes but it's I. Don't think so bad that will make you want to tear your eyes out and throw them at a bus. But perhaps we haven't been studio turns your eyes out and throw the Metro bus. Wow I don't think I've ever been dad upset. I get on the bus. If you've torn your eyes up. Is it a stationary purchase topped bus? It's not a moving bus stop at a bus stop. Maybe you gotta hurry before. All the customers derives house fast. I don't think I could rip my eyes out that quickly. Okay let's get back right. Oh sorry the buses gone. It's a lovely. It's a lovely conversation with a lovely man who has very passionate about the restaurant industry. Obviously I'm very passionate about food so we wanted to talk to him about that in this new day and age you wanted to. Yeah we wanted to hear about whether restaurant industries stands in this day and age as you just said and we wanted to get some cooking tips from him like how. How do we take care of ourselves? How do we do good job cooking when now all of us have cooking a lot more than we perhaps not all of us but some of us are cooking more than we're used to so with less ingredients at times? Yep less ingredients.

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