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Presi president knowhow not fascinating questions forgetting my face and beal and pushing as i was triumph so the catholic these allegations ho somebody comes your list okay i'm hoping somebody comes here in a rescue there was a the beloved congressman grason um lenny you you've worked in politics a lot i i know you were part of margo rubio's campaigned for the presidency and you of course worked with mitt romney and everyone will tell you about met and this is my own experience with him he is one of the most decent kindhearted warmhearted human beings year you'll ever want to encounter wouldn't it be wonderful if there was some way to let people know about who who in politics really is decent yeah and who's kind of fall short while that interchange mate was pretty clear i don't think it doesn't require a advanced degree in anything to figure out that this guy was probably not the right choice you are the funny thing about that though is what political action that does a judicious picked a couple of republicans to balance out because the rest of their staff as democrats why do they need a republican and a democrat correct and the republican they pegged was david john wright who is a very anti trump republican he is an mep meanwhile let us go to your calls with the lonnie chen a to susan in chicago you're on the michael medved show michael uh in president trump her durant i don't think he mentioned everify which would require businesses to determine if the people they hire are here illegally why was sat not mentioned wouldn't that reduce the incentive for people to come here illegally well i think i know why but i'm sure lining chen does well i you know i i don't actually i i'd be curious to hear your explanation i mean my sense is that it's one of those common sense sort of things that ought to be in effect and i think republicans and democrats have both agreed that it's something that ought to be used and by the way susan i emphatically agree the only longterm solution for really permanently reducing illegal immigration is close to zero as will ever get it is e verify is just making it impossible for people who don't belong in.

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